A Shed full of Flowers!

Dec 06, 2022

This Outpost Shed is used for drying flowers and arranging dried flower bouquets. The customer has installed a workbench along one side and the timber framing inside made it easy for the customer to put up wire lines to hang flowers from for drying.

Outpost Shed full of flowers

The Borderland shed design that customer, Ella Burnett chose is 3m wide by 5.8m long and has double barn style doors on the front that open right up for easy access inside. The exterior of the shed is mostly Zincalume cladding but with timber end walls that have been painted black.

With fairy lights plus some work lights hung from the roof framing and a clear panel of roofing this Borderland Shed has nice lighting for customer Ella to make her floral masterpieces.

The timber framing, flooring, end walls and building paper lining over the Zincalume walls help to insulate and keep the shed dry and at a more even temperature than a fully steel shed. Ella also added insulation to one side wall where she hangs her flowers and she runs a dehumidifier to dry out her flowers faster.

Borderland Shed for Ella May Florals

The Borderland shed featured in this article is also a relocatable shed design that can be hiab lifted onto a truck if it ever needs to be transported to a new site. The plywood flooring sits up off the ground on top of ground treated timber skids and support bearers. So it’s up off the ground and won’t be affected by any ground moisture during wet weather.

Customer Testimonial:

“I have a small business called “Ella May Florals” and I create custom dried flower arrangements & wedding flowers. I grow most of my own flowers and they need to be hung upside down in a dry space during the drying process. I also needed a decent work bench to do my floral work.

After searching online, I came across Outpost Buildings. Their Borderland Shed was exactly what I was after.  I love the big double doors that open up when I’m working in there & with it being wooden framing, it was easy to install a custom work bench & wire lines to hang the flowers.

My dad built the shed and he found it went really smoothly.” Said Ella.

Ella in her Flower Shed

You can see more of the beautiful, dried flower arrangements that Ella makes on her Instagram page:

Ella May florals - Dried Flower Arrangements

Here’s some of Ella’s flowers hanging in the shed.

Timber framing on this shed made it easy for Ella to attach wire lines for hanging her flowers on. The roof is 2.5m high which is high enough that Ella can walk underneath the shorter flowers drying on the roof.

Borderland Shed

Size: 5.8m x 3.0m x 2.5m high

Strong and relocatable design with heavy duty 6x2 inch timber framing and a 6x4 inch timber skid mounted base. Outpost uses genuine Zincalume or Colorsteel cladding that comes with a 10+ guarantee and is available in a range of colours and very low maintenance.

Outpost Buildings are supplied as a kitset that comes complete with all the hardware, fittings and fixings such as nails and screws that you will need for assembly as well as step-by-step instructions. The Borderland shed has some large, heavy kitset parts so we recommend that you have at least 2 people with basic building skills to assemble this kitset.

For more information on our Borderland Shed click here >

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