Hunter Stables

Outpost Buildings hunter stables are some of the toughest, most durable options in horse shelters available in New Zealand.

Featuring our renowned sturdy timber framing, durable iron roof, and a design tailored to better suit all sizes of horse.

You’ll always know you’ve got a Hunter from its iconic mono-pitched roof; whether you’ve invested in a hunter horse stable or shelter with attached tack room.

The benefits of a Hunter Stable

Just like all our other stables, stalls and shelters, a Hunter horse stable provides comfort, protection and security from weather, temperature, insects and other annoyances and threats. Sheltered horses are happy horses.

The Hunter stables differ in the design of the roof. Unlike our other roof types, hunter stables are mono-pitched, with a taller entryway that pitches downwards towards the back.

It may seem like purely an aesthetic choice but this design was chosen with practicality in mind too.

Due to its higher entryway, a hunter stable is the perfect choice for larger, taller horses. They’re more easily able to enter a hunter stable compared to other options, and once turned around, have far more headspace to rear and play. 

Best of all, like most Outpost Buildings designs, the hunter horse stable kitset has the option of portability, using durable timber skids on the bottom to allow it to be towed from place to place. 

Decide you need more room for a new project, or want to provide easier access to pasture for your horses? Simply hitch the stable to your 4WD and bring it where you want, when you want - even to a whole new property.

For a more permanent fixture, our designs can also incorporate a wide range of flooring options, from concrete to limestone to gravel. With an Outpost Building kitset, the choices are yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are our hunter stables made from?

Providing shelter is an integral part of keeping your horses happy and healthy, and Outpost Buildings paddock shelters provide comfort and safety for your horses when they need it.
Here at Outpost Buildings, we take a “built to last” approach with our products, using only the highest quality materials. Our kitsets feature materials and fixings sourced from local producers in New Zealand and reputable suppliers abroad - wherever feasible, we use locally grown NZ timber and high-end corrugated iron roofing (with Colorsteel upgrades often available).

In your Hunter Horse Stable kitset, you can expect to find:

+ Durable treated timber 6x2 inch framing

+ Exterior grade 15mm plywood end walls

+ Corrugated iron or Colorsteel roofing with a 10 year guarantee

+ Spacious clearspan interior with solid timber kickboards

+ Front gate enclosure & dividing rail options available

+ Optional upgrade of steel framed front walls with anti-weave gates

What's the difference between a horse stable and a barn?

Stables and barns may look the same, and they may share a lot of functions, but there’s a big difference between a full barn and a Hunter Horse Stable.

Outpost Buildings stables are kitset timber constructions that are designed specifically to house horses. We use sustainable NZ grown pine and local products in all of our kitsets, and a Hunter Stable is no different, built either to be portable and towable by a 4WD vehicle, or fixed in place with a range of different permanent stable flooring.

Meanwhile, a barn more generally refers to a single, large, multipurpose building that may be used to house livestock such as horses, but also may be used to store large amounts of machinery or equipment. Sometimes, the terms are used interchangeably, but there’s often a difference in size, design, material or purpose - or all four.

At Outpost Buildings, we provide kitsets that cover typical uses of stables as well as barns. For example, our Hunter Horse Stables can be constructed purely for horse use, including optional stalls, dividers and gates. This is great if you simply need a place to house your horses, either in a stable or in a paddock shelter for horses.

There are also options in Hunter Stables to have a tackroom attached for additional storage. These can either be placed at the end of the construction or in the middle to provide a dividing space for arguing horses. Either design makes for excellent spaces to keep feed, saddles, bridles, even farm equipment like motorbikes and mowers.

Some people choose to invest in barns because of their ability to house larger horses more comfortably, as opposed to some stables which only factor in the average sized breed. Hunter Stables are built differently, designed with a sloping mono-pitched roof to provide additional headroom for large horses.

This makes Hunter Horse Stables a great option for covering off your stabling needs and your barn storage needs in a single, portable kitset, without the need to invest significantly in the land and construction costs of the typical large barn.

How do you build a hunter stable?

Our hunter stables are considered “advanced” for a kitset, requiring at least a weekend of work and two people to put together due to the weight of some of the parts.

While hunter stables are designed to be DIY-able to reduce the costs of construction, we recommend hiring a builder for our larger kitsets. In either case, we provide all the instructions and material descriptions you or your hired help will need.

The kits come with everything you need to build them, including all the fixings and fixtures, requiring only basic tools to put them together.

A few things to consider, and not every site will tick all those boxes.

But here’s the best thing about portable paddock shelters - if the location doesn’t work any more, you can simply tow it with your 4WD elsewhere. Simple as!

Whatever your budget, get in touch with us and we’re sure we can find a suitable solution to suit your needs.


“We fell in love with the Hunter Stalls as they were larger than normal and very well constructed.

Outpost Buildings were very supportive to us through the consultation and pre-build stage and nothing was a problem when I asked some very non-builder type questions. Thank you Outpost Buildings – you guys rock. Cheers.”

Bronwyn Hussey, Centre Coordinator and Head Coach