Run In Sheds

Provide shelter, comfort and protection for your horses with an Outpost Buildings run-in shed.

Made from high quality locally sourced New Zealand and imported timber and designed for our conditions.

What is a run-in shed?

A run-in shed is a structure, typically placed in or near a pasture, made up of three walls and a roof, with one side left open. They act as shelters and offer protection from the sun, rain, wind and insects for your horses much like a stable, but don’t typically include gates or other barriers. Instead, horses are able to come and go freely, providing them with total freedom of when and where they spend their time.

Outpost Buildings run-in sheds are all constructed by Kiwis, for Kiwis, and with New Zealand conditions in mind. They are built from sustainably grown pine, making them tough as nails, but still light enough to remain relocatable. If you’ve ever wanted to re-pasture your horses but not wanted to deal with moving their shelter, an Outpost Buildings run-in shed has portability built in.

Prefer your shelters to have gates, dividers, rails or other features? Our kitset run-in sheds are customisable, able to be converted into holding stalls with just a few extra pieces. Great for when you need somewhere to keep your horses but don’t want to invest in an entirely separate stable or stall structure.

The benefits of a run-in shed

A run-in shed gives your horses everything they need from a shelter to stay happy and healthy, with the added bonus of allowing them to choose when to use it - no need for you to head out the pasture just because they want to get out of the rain.


Some horses like the rain - many others don’t. Even fewer like high winds, dangerous hail, cold snow - all weather that horse owners must contend with, depending on where they live. An Outpost Buildings run-in shelter provides on-demand shelter from the elements for your horses.


New Zealand can get hot. When your horses get uncomfortable and can’t find trees for natural shade, a run-in shed can give them relief from the sun and the heat.


It’s a fact: run-in sheds reduce insect pressure. When the biting and buzzing gets too much for your animals, they can head to their run-in shed instead, ensuring they suffer the minimum of irritating bits.


Horses crave psychological comfort as much as they do physical safety, and a run-in shelter provides both. Many horses, particularly those who are used to stabling, love having the option of a shelter to socialise, resulting in less bullying and a happier herd overall.

Not every pasture has adequate natural shelter for horses to use, and a run-in shed fills that gap. Best of all, because Outpost Buildings products are all kitsets, it only takes a weekend of construction and some elbow grease to get the smaller options up and ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are our run in sheds made from?

Outpost Buildings run-in sheds are built tough. How? We use New Zealand sourced and designed materials and fixtures, from the sustainably grown sturdy pine in our framing to the high quality iron on our roofing.

That makes our run-in sheds incredibly durable, weather-proof and comfortable for your horses. Our kitsets sheds can take a knock, and as a horse owner, you know how important that is for your peace of mind.

Our choice to support locally owned businesses means that you always get the highest quality run-in shed possible, designed to work specifically in New Zealand conditions.

Strong, treated timber framing

ZINCALUME or Colorsteel corrugated iron roofing

Solid plywood kickboards

Galvanised fittings and fixings

When you buy from Outpost Buildings, you buy New Zealand-made.

Do horses use run-in sheds?

While horses have been domesticated for thousands of years, they still, like you, love their freedom. A run-in shed, as opposed to a typical gated stall, gives them the choice of when and where they spend their time.

If the weather is going sour, the insects are getting annoying, or they simply want some time out of the sun, they can trot into the run-in shed at their leisure. When they want to go out, they can simply trot back out - no need for your intervention, and full freedom for your horses.

Yes, horses absolutely use run-in sheds, and they’re happier, healthier, calmer and more comfortable for it!

How do you build a horse run-in shed?

Depending on the kitset you choose, a run-in shed from Outpost Buildings is considered either basic or advanced.

Basic kits can be put together by a single person over a weekend, and typically includes the single-horse options.

Advanced kits require at least two people due to the weight of some of the materials, and while all our sets are DIY-able, we recommend hiring a builder for our larger, two-horse or tackroom-attached run-in sheds.

Whatever you choose, all our kits include everything you need to build them, including all the  fixings and fixtures. As long as you’ve got some basic tools to hand, you can build a run-in shed from our kitset with no unexpected trips to Bunnings necessary.

Whatever your budget, get in touch with us and we’re sure we can find a suitable run-in shed to suit you.