Bird Aviaries

Whether you are a budding birder or an avid avian enthusiast, your feathered friends will live long, happy lives in our top quality bird aviaries. We provide a wide range of options for portable kitset bird aviaries to provide your birds with a safe and enjoyable space to call home. All of our aviaries are constructed from locally sourced and sustainable New Zealand timber.

What is a Bird Aviary?

An aviary is a home for your domesticated birds. All aviculturists need a safe and sturdy aviary to house their bird or birds. A good quality aviary is quite different from a run of the mill birdcage because it provides ample freedom for your feathered friends to fly, frolic and feed safely and happily. It’s also a much better option for co-housing multiple birds together in the same shared space.

A top quality aviary will allow your birds plenty of room to fly around, stretch their wings and enjoy their environment. An aviary can even incorporate aspects of a bird’s natural habitat and it provides your birds the opportunity to spend time in a comfortable and familiar setting. At the same time, they are protected from predators, harsh weather and other environmental hazards that can potentially cause them harm.

Chatter of Budgerigar - Photo by David Clode

Benefits of a Bird Aviary

At Outpost Buildings, our bird aviaries are a wonderful addition to any space whether indoors or outdoors. As well as keeping your feathered friends happy and healthy, our New Zealand made aviaries have many additional benefits:


An aviary protects your birds from any predators that might be roaming your area, such as bats, snakes, weasels and even the neighbours cat. Providing your birds with safe and durable aviaries will keep your birds safe from harm.


In the wild, your feathered friends would seek shelter in brush, trees, or physical structures to keep them warm and dry or protected from extreme heat. Our aviaries provide adequate shelter, keeping your birds thoroughly protected from the elements.

Laying Space

Happy birds make for healthy birds and ample laying space to rest and recoup keeps your birds content. They will require their own space especially if you have multiple birds in one aviary.


With Outpost Buildings kitsets our aviaries can be transported to new sites at any time. They can be relocated across land if you choose to move or even change the positioning of your aviary to a new site location on your property.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need in an aviary?

Outpost aviaries provide adequate ventilation and flight space, areas for bird feeders and perches, as well as the addition of covered areas for sleeping and protection from the elements.

Shrubbery in your aviary simulates a natural environment. It provides shelter, nesting sites and places to hide for your aviary inhabitants as well as providing additional food sources such as insects.

The type of shrubbery you decide to put in your aviary will depend heavily on your bird’s species. Choose shrubs that are unlikely to grow past the height of the aviary. Ground cover plants such as vines, ferns and grasses are also an excellent addition to your aviary.

How many birds can I keep in an aviary?

The size of your aviary as well as the breed of your birds will determine how many birds can cohabitate in the space. Outpost Buildings have a variety of aviary options to choose from, and our team can help you decide on the perfect size and design for your flock.

What birds can live together in an aviary?

If you choose an aviary large enough to house multiple birds, you’ll want your flock to live in harmony with each other. The best pairing of birds is those of the same species or those of a similar size such as budgies and cockatiels. Avoid housing vastly different sized birds or those with different beak configurations in the same aviary. These combinations can have the potential to cause harm to their housemates.

Do you need planning permission for an aviary?

Thankfully, there are little to no restrictions for keeping bird aviaries on private property in New Zealand as long as they don’t cause health and safety issues to the public. Be sure to check with your local authority to find out more information about keeping aviaries in your area.