Don’t give your vehicle a spot - give it a home! Our tough kitset carports are the perfect addition to any property that needs more covered parking.

What is a kitset carport?

Who hasn’t faced the challenge of finding somewhere safe and secure to park the car? Or worse still, discovered damage to their car as a result of leaving it somewhere that wasn’t safe and secure?

A carport offers an inexpensive, customisable solution to this common concern. These are easy-to-construct, durable shelters for your vehicle - whatever size it may be - that keep it protected from the elements while still allowing you to drive in and out with ease. They can be free-standing, built against the side of the house, in front of or to the side of a main garage, or anywhere else that has solid foundations. 

However, even basic carports can be expensive to construct, requiring labour, material, design and, of course, time to put together. That’s why we offer kitset carports for a faster, higher quality and more cost-effective result. 

In our kitsets, you get everything you need to build your carport in a single package. This includes everything from the framing, made from tough, durable and sustainably grown New Zealand pine, to the fixings and nails. All you need to do is provide a basic set of tools.

And don’t worry about actually transporting the kitset and whether or not such it will fit in your car - trust us, it won’t, people have tried. We handle shipping for you, free of charge, getting your carport kitset to your nearest Toll transport depot. From there, we can get it to your property via hiab truck for a small additional fee.

Simply put? Kitset carports give you all the protection a regular carport does, but without the headache of managing all the moving parts to make it happen. Simply pick a spot, pick a product, line up a builder (or prep yourself for a DIY project), and we’ll handle the rest.

The benefits of a kitset carport

Outpost Buildings carports are an excellent addition to any property that’s looking for some extra space to park the car, truck, tractor or motorbike.

(Nearly) instant vehicle space

Our carport kitsets are designed to be easy to construct. They contain everything you need to put it up yourself or with the help of a builder. This ensures speedy construction time and far lower chances of mistakes - the step-by-step instructions see to that. More vehicle protection, faster - it’s a big benefit of using a kitset.

Easy customisability

We use tough New Zealand pine as the core of our kitsets, which makes it fantastically customisable. Unlike metal or plastic carports, all you need to do to add shelving or other storage features to your carport is a few screws. It’s your carport; make it your own! 

Flexible use

Anyone who has had a carport before will know that they sometimes end up storing far more than just the car - and sometimes they end up without a car in there at all! That’s why we’ve designed our kitset carports to be flexible and convertible, with the ability to add walls and doors to turn it into a different kind of lifestyle shed or farm equipment shelter with just a few hours of work.


The Outpost Buildings difference is that we design nearly all of our kitsets to be portable - that includes our carports. That means that, should you need the carport somewhere else on your property, it’s as easy as towing it with a 4WD, or using a hiab truck for the larger models. Of course, our kitsets can be installed on permanent flooring as well - the choice is yours.

Built tough

We build all our kitsets to exacting standards, meeting or exceeding the materials requirements laid out in the New Zealand Building Code. That makes our carports tougher than most, and no wonder: we use sustainably grown, famously strong New Zealand pine, ensuring that, with the right care, your carport will last for decades - even after taking a knock or two from the kids learning to reverse properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Building a carport in the past would often require consent. In a lot of cases, you still need it. However, due to recent law changes in 2020 that added exemptions around “low-risk” buildings, there’s a good chance that an Outpost Buildings kitset doesn’t require one!

However, you must check with your local council and the New Zealand Building Code to ensure that the carport you pick and the way you want to use it still falls under the exemptions. 

If you’re not sure, you can ask one of our helpful team members or your preferred builder and they’ll be able to point you in the right direction. 

What are our carports made from?

Outpost Buildings carports are built from New Zealand sourced materials and high quality imported contents and feature sustainably grown NZ pine timber framing.

Depending on your carport style, you can expect to find:

+ Durable treated timbers 

+ Strong corrugated iron roofing

We build our carports using only the toughest, most durable materials, balanced with a cost-effective approach that ensures your carport stands firm without costing an arm and a leg. Whatever your budget, get in touch with us and we’re sure we can find a suitable solution to suit your needs.