Livestock Shelters

Paddock shelters for your calves, alpacas, pigs, goats or lambs!

All livestock shelters for sale are relocatable so they can be moved to fresh ground or repositioned when required (small shelters can even be towed by a 4 wheeler).

What is a livestock shelter?

Outpost Buildings livestock shelters provide the comfort, safety and protection from the elements that every animal on your land needs to be happy, healthy and productive.

Featuring tough, durable materials, our relocatable shelters are suitable for a wide range of common farm animals - and some not-so-common ones too. We offer livestock shelters for:

+ Horses

+ Calves

+ Goats

+ Pigs

+ Lambs

+ Alpacas

+ Ponies

And more!

Our livestock shelters are built from tough, durable materials, sourced from right here in New Zealand, and designed with the needs of your animals in mind by true experts in kitset construction.

The benefits of a livestock shelter

Ensuring that your animals have adequate shelter is integral to keeping your livestock happy, healthy and productive - our livestock shelters provide more than just a roof over their head!

Weather protection

Every animal, from horses to calves toalpacas, need shelterfrom the often extreme weather that New Zealand can experience. Rain, hail, snow - a livestock shelter provides durable, comfortable protection from it all, keeping your animals happier and healthier.

Shade from the sun

Too much sun can be as uncomfortable for your animals as a rainstorm. A livestock shelter gives them the opportunity to get into the shade, even if their paddock, pasture or field lacks natural shade like trees.

Reduce annoying insects

Your animals will often find insects just as annoying as you do! Livestock shelters reduce insect pressure, in turn reducing the number of irritating insect bites.


There aren’t many predators of large livestock in New Zealand, but that doesn’t mean it’s totally free of dangers. Keep your animals safe and sheltered from cars, aggressive wildlife and the neighbour’s dogs with a livestock shelter.


Livestock shelters offer psychological comfort as much as they do physical safety. Many animals, from horses to pigs to sheep, feel safer when they have access to a shelter, reducing anxiety and arguments.


Outpost Buildings livestock shelters, like nearly all our kitsets, are designed to be portable. This allows you total control over where your shelters are, and when. Best of all, this portability allows you to bring your shelter with you when you move, or sell it if you don’t need it any more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best livestock shelter?

Outpost Buildings livestock shelters are considered some of the best shelters on the NZ market, and for good reason. The best livestock shelter is one that’s designed with the needs of you and your animals in mind. 

That’s why we offer a wide range of different shapes, styles, sizes and animal uses - because why settle for a generic shelter when you can get one tailored to your requirements? Calves should be raised in calf pens, pigs should be kept in pig sties, and horses should be sheltered in stables. At Outpost Buildings, we offer all these and more.

Any livestock shelter worth its weight should be built tough. Farm and lifestyle plot life isn’t gentle, and any building on your land has to be able to take a knock or three.

That’s why we’ve designed every livestock shelter we produce to be eminently durable, made from local materials that have been manufactured right here in New Zealand. They can withstand wind, rain, heat and anything else the weather - or your animals - can throw at them.

The best livestock shelter is the one that meets your needs - and keeps meeting them for decades to come.

What are livestock shelters made from?

Outpost Buildings kitset livestock shelters are proudly made with NZ materials and parts wherever possible, including sustainably grown New Zealand pine.

We build our kitsets from locally sourced materials not just because we’re proud Kiwis who want to support our fellow business owners, but also because we firmly believe that New Zealand parts are the best ones for New Zealand conditions and needs. We’re committed to providing you with the highest quality livestock shelter possible - and the best way for us to do that is with high-quality, durable materials that are manufactured with Kiwi requirements in mind. The best way to do that? Buy Kiwi - and build Kiwi.

Whatever your budget,get in touch with us and we’re sure we can find a suitable solution to suit your needs.