Shelter With Tackroom

Need more storage space for equipment you need immediately on hand for your horses?

Look no further than a portable kitset shelter with a tackroom from Outpost Buildings - designed for Kiwis, by Kiwis.

What is a horse shelter with a tack room?

A shelter with a tack room or tack shed is simple: take a typical horse shelter with three walls and a roof, and add a lockable storage shed for saddles, bridles, feed and all the other equipment needed for horse care and maintenance. You get a shelter for your horses and a storage shed in a single building.

But don’t be fooled: not all shelters and tack rooms are made equal!

Outpost Buildings tack sheds are built with your needs, and those of your horses, in mind. They’re constructed from NZ-sourced, NZ-made materials and fixtures, so you always know you’re getting the highest quality tack shed and shelter possible, designed for the unique challenges and requirements of New Zealand horse owners.

Features include:

+ Strong treated timber framing, corrugated iron roofing

+ Generous roof height & clearspan interior for comfort & safety

+ Ply flooring & clear roof panel in tack room for natural lighting

+ Optional timber gates & rails available for creating individual horse stalls

+ Easy to relocate, skid mounted so you can tow with your 4WD

We can provide both single- and double-stall designs, as well as a design with a centre tack room for keeping horses separated - great if you have a particularly dominant horse.

The benefits of a shelter with a tackroom

So much of owning a horse is about storage. Feed, bridles, saddles, brushes - space is always at a premium.
And that’s before you even get into keeping the horse sheltered! A horse shelter with an attached tackroom tackles those issues in a single kitset.
The shelter side provides all the protections you’d expect:


Keep your horses safe from rain, high winds, snow and hail, ensuring they stay comfortable during rough weather.


With an ozone hole and summers often in the 30 degrees Celsius, it’s best to provide horses with a comfortable place to keep out of the sun.


Horse shelters with three walls and an open side are the preferred type of shelter - just ask the horses. These designs help to keep insect pressure down and allow the horses to run in and out as they please.


There’s safety in the shelter, and not just physical. Horses are happier when they have somewhere covered to move to, meaning fewer arguments and bullying among your animals.

And if you find that you need horse stalls as well?

Our shelters can have timber gates and dividers attached for quick conversion.

Meanwhile, the tack shed side provides you with all the storage space you need for your equipment and consumables - they can even double as motorbike storage. It’s far more convenient than having a separate storage area for your tack, with the horses and the equipment immediately available at the same time.

All of Outpost Buildings designs are created to be portable or have portable options, making our tack sheds ideal for any horse owner who wants to be able to shift their shelter and their storage with nothing more than a tow rope and a 4WD. 

Want the horses closer to the house to keep a better eye on them? Or need to move your horses to a different pasture and don’t want to have to haul your equipment to the shelter every time?

Portable tack sheds and shelters have you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are our shelters with a tackroom made from?

Outpost is proud to be a New Zealand company - there’s no better country to do business in, in our opinion. That’s why we’re proud to support other Kiwi companies with our choice of materials and fixtures.

Every Outpost Buildings product is made with NZ-grown pine, as well as with NZ-sourced fixings. 

+ Strong, treated timber framing

+ ZINCALUME or Colorsteel corrugated iron roofing

+ Solid ply flooring and kickboards

+ Galvanised fittings and fixings

+ Clear roof panels in tack room for natural lighting

This makes our tack sheds and shelters tougher and more durable than the average kitset, designed with NZ conditions in mind.

This material choice also makes nearly all of our products portable, meaning you don’t have to give up your tack shed just because you’re moving house. Move it, take it with you, sell it on - it’s your choice with an Outpost tack shed.

What size tack room do I need?

Everybody has different storage needs from their tack room, so we’ve designed ours with a wide variety of uses in mind. We offer both single and double tackrooms, as well as a variety of differently sized attached horse shelters; ideal for multiple horses or for larger horses that need more space.

Whatever you need to store, our tackrooms can provide you with the space - and convenient access - you need.

What should be in the tack room?

Outpost Building tack rooms have ample space for nearly anything you may need immediately on-hand for your horses’ care, such as:

+ Saddles

+ Bridles

+ Stirrups

+ Reins

+ Halters

+ Bits

+ Hay

+ Brushes

+ Supplements

+ Boots

+ Helmets

And that’s just the start!

Our tack rooms are also designed to store farm equipment, such as motorbikes, making them a great choice for general storage as well.

Whatever your budget, get in touch with us and we’re sure we can find a suitable solution to suit your needs.