All Outpost Buildings are supplied as a kitset so here’s a bit of information about our kitsets and how they are assembled.

This information will help you to know what to expect when it comes time to assemble your Outpost kitset.

What will the kitset arrive like & include?

Outpost kitsets come well packaged with all parts precut and ready to assemble. Some parts are even semi assembled for you such as doors, gates and parts of the framing. Most parts are labelled so that you can more easily identify each part. The kitset will come wrapped in white pallet wrap to keep the parts dry and we use some timber packing when required to keep the kitset parts safe during transit.

We also send you a Hardware Kit with all the fixings (like screws and nails) and fittings (like hinges and pad bolts for doors) in a box separately.

All the fittings & fixings are well labelled so you know what to use for what part of the assembly. We make sure you have a few extras so don't worry if there's some screws left over! 

What are the kitset instructions like?

The easy to follow step by step instructions that come with Outpost kitsets have diagrams and pictures to help you understand what to do with each part. There is also a list of all the parts that are included in the kitset so you can check that you have everything before you start and lay the parts out for easy access during construction. You can call the team at Outpost if you have any questions on 0800 688 767 or email 

Can anyone assemble Outpost kitset buildings?

We’ve made our kitsets really easy to assemble so that almost anyone can build themselves a small hen house or livestock shelter. Many of our customers have little or no experience with building – all you need is a “can-do attitude,” be able to use a hammer and an electric drill and then just follow the instructions.

Outpost kitsets are grouped into 3 building skill levels so you know what to expect:

DIY: Basic building skill required, low building height & step-by-step instructions. Only basic building tools are required for assembly (hammer, driver drill, tape measure, ladder, tin snips) Example: small hen house or small calf shelter

Advanced: Larger, heavier kitset components that require at least 2 people to assemble with good building skills. We still supply step by step kitset instructions for these buildings so you don’t need to be a pro. Example: horse shelters and garden sheds.

Professional: Builder Assembly is required for some of our large stables or cabins. These kitsets come with comprehensive building plans that make it quick and easy for a professional builder to assemble.

Interested in Kitset Assembly Services? - Find out more here

How long does it take to assemble a kitset?

Obviously how long it takes depends on the kitset building you have chosen, the level of your building skills and how much help you have. Most of our DIY kitsets can easily be done over a weekend (2 days) with 2 people. Some of the assembly is tricky if you’re trying to do it yourself so it does pay to have someone helping for lifting sheets of iron or holding wall frames up while you fix them into place.

Advanced kitsets usually take a bit longer to assemble than our DIY kitsets. They are bigger buildings with heavier parts so you’ll need 2 people to position and fix the parts in place and do some of the jobs. How long these buildings take to assemble really depends on your skill level. For example our builders that have assembled kitsets before can have them finished in 2 days, however if it’s your first time building then it’ll probably take you longer.

Interested in Kitset Assembly Services? - Find out more here

Kitset buildings delivered to a town near you!

We offer freight free kitset delivery to Team Global Express (Toll) transport depots nationwide so you can get an Outpost kitset wherever you live in NZ. Kitset buildings are much easier and cheaper to transport around the country than a pre-built building.

Most small kitsets can be picked up with a trailer from the transport depot, or if you prefer we can arrange a hiab truck to deliver the kitset to your property for an extra charge. Please let us know if you would like a quote for your kitset to be delivered by hiab truck to your site.

Our large sheds, stables and cabin kitsets are often too big to fit onto a trailer so you will need a hiab truck to deliver the kitset to your building site. Kitset delivery is free to your nearest Team Global Express (Toll) transport depot, but hiab truck delivery to your site will be charged to you at cost.