Alpaca Shed

Our kitset alpaca sheds are 'Built Tough', made in New Zealand and constructed from quality locally sourced materials.

Strong, durable, and relocatable - these are some of the best alpaca sheds in the country.

What is an alpaca shed?

While alpacas love to spend their time outside feeding, socialising and getting their daily doses of vitamin D, they also require shelter for their protection and comfort.

Outpost Buildings alpaca sheds provide this shelter, giving your alpacas strong walls and a roof to protect them from wind, rain, heat and other extreme weather, as well as giving them a place to run to when they’re in need of physical shelter or psychological comfort.

Just like horse shelters and stables, alpaca sheds come in all shapes and sizes, for a wide range of different alpaca herd numbers and needs.

For example, those with smaller alpaca herds may only need a basic shelter, featuring three walls and a roof for run-in, run-out shelter that’s on-demand for your animals. These basic alpaca shelters are also great for providing storage, ensuring you have all the animal-related supplies you need close to your animals, when and where you need them.

Those with larger herds or those who have animals with specific dietary needs may want something bigger, featuring holding stalls to keep animals separated, a feeding area for more diet control, or even an attached shed for additional storage.

No matter the style or design, all Outpost Buildings alpaca sheds are designed with New Zealand conditions in mind. We use NZ-made materials wherever possible, and our design experts create our alpaca shelters specifically for Kiwis who live in New Zealand conditions. That’s how we know that our alpaca sheds are some of the best you can buy - built to suit New Zealand needs, and built to last on New Zealand farms.

The benefits of an alpaca shed

The right shelter provides more than just a roof over your alpaca’s heads.
Our alpaca sheds can help to keep your alpacas happy, healthy and may even make them more productive.

Weather protection

Alpacas are hardy creatures, but even they need protection from some of the weather that New Zealand can have. An alpaca shelter keeps them warm and dry in rain, hail and snow - and because our kitsets typically come with an open wall, your alpacas can get out of the weather when they want to without any need for you to open a gate for them.

Shade from the sun

It isn’t just the rain that can upset your alpacas! Too much sun can be just as uncomfortable, and increased UV radiation in New Zealand, shade is integral to happy alpacas. An alpaca shed provides them a place to get out of the sunshine and relax - even if their paddock, pasture or field doesn’t have any natural shelter from trees.

Reduce annoying insects

Insects are a constant menace to your animals, and alpacas are as vulnerable as any other animal on your farm. An alpaca shed reduces insect pressure, providing relief for your alpacas and reducing the number of insect bites.


Cars, aggressive wildlife and the neighbour’s dogs all offer some danger to your alpacas. Let’s face it; they’re tough and can hold their own, but an alpaca shed gives them safety from physical dangers even when you aren’t around to keep an eye on them.


Alpacas can only be shorn once a year or so, making it incredibly important to get a quality fleece from them whenever possible. A key part of this is providing adequate nutrition - something which an alpaca shed can give you much more control over with dedicated feeding areas.


Outpost Buildings alpaca sheds are kitsets, designed to be portable even after construction by being mounted on tough, timber skids. This means that, should you decide to move your alpacas from pasture to pasture, their shelter can come with them. You can even bring your alpaca shelter with you to a new property, or sell it to someone else if you don’t need it any more. It’s your shelter, and we’ve designed it to be completely up to you where it goes and when. All you need is a 4x4 or a 4WD and a tow rope.


Outpost Buildings alpaca sheds are kitsets, allowing you to save money on expensive labour costs by putting the sheds together yourself. Our kitsets come with everything you need, from the framing to the roofing to the fixings, requiring only some hard work, a weekend’s labour and some basic tools for our beginner sets. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do alpacas need a shelter?

Alpacas are incredibly hardy and weather-resistant animals, and can be kept in a wide range of climate conditions; from South America to Australia, Northland to Dunedin.

However, while their thick fleece insulates them from colder temperatures, they can have trouble with warm weather and noon-day sun. High temperatures can stress out your alpacas, so shelter of some description is important - whether that’s natural shelter and shade from trees or in the form of an Outpost Building alpaca shed. 

Don’t be fooled into thinking that alpacas don’t need shelter. You may spot your alpacas sitting apparently happily in the rain, but few animals enjoy the impact of heavy raindrops or hail, so it’s best to provide shelter for them to escape to.

If you’re interested in growing natural shade in the form of trees but they aren’t quite tall or broad enough yet, a portable shelter is a great addition to fill the gap while your trees grow. Just be careful with your tree choice: some common tree types in New Zealand are poisonous to alpacas, which is another reason why some farmers prefer to go with the safe option of a dedicated shelter.

What are our alpaca sheds made from?

Outpost Buildings kitset sheds are proudly made from NZ-sourced, NZ-made materials wherever possible, including New Zealand pine from sustainably grown forests.

Depending on your kitset, you can expect to find:

+ Strong, treated timber framing

+ ZINCALUME or Colorsteel corrugated iron roofing

+ Solid plywood kickboards

+ Galvanised fittings and fixings

By using high-quality, NZ-manufactured parts, we ensure that your alpaca shed is designed by Kiwis, for Kiwis - built tough for New Zealand farms.

Whatever your budget, get in touch with us and we’re sure we can find a suitable solution to suit your needs.