Loafing Sheds

For a tough, durable shelter for your horses, look no further than a loafing shed kitset from Outpost Buildings.

Made from sustainably sourced New Zealand timber, these kitsets are a great choice for anyone who wants a relocatable loafing shed.

What is a loafing shed?

Loafing sheds, also known as ‘run-in sheds’ or ‘paddock shelters, protect your horses equipment and feed from harsh weather and extreme temperatures. They’re recognisable from their open-front design, featuring three walls, a roof (typically sloped) and an open side that allows horses to enter and leave when they want to.

Outpost loafing sheds are all designed by Kiwis, for Kiwis, with New Zealand weather and conditions in mind. We only use locally sourced materials, including sustainably grown NZ pine, making them strong enough to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at them, but light enough to be relocatable. This lets you bring the shelter with you if you move the horses from pasture to pasture, or yourself from property to property.

Our kitset loafing horse sheds are customisable, with the option of adding timber gates and rails, turning them into holding stalls.

The benefits of a loafing shed

Sheltered horses are happier and healthier horses.
A loafing shed from Outpost Buildings gives you peace of mind knowing their comfort is taken care of.


Cold rain, high winds, hail & snow; New Zealand has plenty on the menu when it comes to weather. An Outpost loafing shed provides protection from the elements, ensuring your animals can find shelter when they need it most.


New Zealand gets hot, and constant sunshine might make for a nice day on the beach, but not so much if you’re stuck outside like your horses. Give your horses somewhere shaded to go when the heat gets too much.


Insects are a constant pest to horses, particularly during the hotter months. Loafing sheds have been proven to reduce insect pressure, giving your animals relief from irritating bites and annoying buzzing flies.


Loafing sheds offer as much psychological comfort to your horses as they do physical safety. Horses have been shown to feel more comfortable in loafing sheds, especially if they are used to stabling, meaning fewer arguments and bullying with a loafing shed for them to shelter in.

A loafing shed is a particularly good addition for pastures that lack trees, as they provide instant shelter with just a weekend of DIY work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are our loafing sheds made from?

We source the parts and materials for all our loafing shed kitsets from local New Zealand companies - from the sustainably grown pine that makes up our framing, to the ZINCALUME or Colorsteel that makes up the roofing.

This makes our loafing sheds tough, durable and able to take a fair few knocks, but still light enough to be portable through the addition of strong timber sleds. 

Our choice to support other Kiwi businesses in this way isn’t just because we’re proud New Zealanders - though we’re certainly that! - but because we also want your loafing shed to be of the highest quality possible, and designed with New Zealand conditions and needs in mind.

Strong, treated timber framing

ZINCALUME or Colorsteel corrugated iron roofing

Solid plywood kickboards

Galvanised fittings and fixings

How big should a loafing shed be?

The size of your loading will depend on the size and number of your horses. 

We provide shelters of various sizes to accommodate every height and shape of horse, from miniature to draft.

For two horses of 15 hands to 17 hands, we recommend a shelter that is 3.5m x 5.8m.

If you have horses of 14.3h and less, a shelter that is 2.5m x 3.5m would be suitable for one, and 2.5m x 4.8m for two.

As a rule of thumb, experts advise at least 3m x 3.5m for one horse and 3.5m x 4.8m for two. 

With an open front, a shelter this size will allow two horses to come and go comfortably and provide sufficient room for both to stand inside with no one getting trapped in the back.  A 2.5m high roof will leave space for them to rear and play.

How much does it cost to build a loafing shed for horses?

Outpost Buildings offers a range of differently priced loafing sheds to fit you and your horses’ needs, as well as your budget. The smaller loafing sheds can be built by a single person over the course of a weekend, and are suitable for a single horse of average size. The larger, two-horse models or models with a tackroom are more advanced, and may require a professional builder to put together.

Whatever your budget, get in touch with us and we’re sure we can find a suitable loafing shed to suit you.