Wood Sheds

Keep your firewood dry with one of the strong, relocatable wood shelters from Outpost Buildings.

There's a great range of sizes to choose from and they come as an easy to assemble kitset with step-by-step instructions.

Our wood sheds all feature strong timber framing and quality ZINCALUME or Colorsteel roofing.

The benefits of a wood shed

A firewood shed is an excellent purchase for anyone who wants to get more out of their firewood, from making fires easier to start to ensuring that your firewood is in top condition for burning.

+ Convenience. Firewood takes up a significant amount of space, particularly if you’re relying on it for the majority of your heating. An Outpost firewood shed provides a strong and convenient place to store your wood so it doesn’t take up space elsewhere.

+ Faster drying. Seasoned wood is hot, safe and efficient wood. Without the right level of seasoning, your firewood will create a lot of smoke and soot when burned, creating an immediate health hazard as well as increasing the amount of time you have to spend cleaning your flue. You can certainly buy seasoned wood, but this is more expensive than having a firewood shed that can season it for you - not to mention you’ll need somewhere to store your pre-seasoned wood anyway.

+ Protection. A wooden shed keeps your precious firewood protected from the elements, ensuring that it remains dry even during difficult weather. The last thing you want when the weather gets colder is to discover your carefully arranged firewood has gotten wet and won’t burn - or worse, become rotten. An Outpost firewood shed provides protection and ensures you have top quality firewood when you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cheaper to build a wood shed or buy one?

If you want a top-quality firewood shed, you have two options: buy a premade shed through a kitset, or build one from scratch.

Building a wooden shed from scratch is a tough process. If you don’t have building skills yourself, you have to hire a tradesman to do it for you (unless you want to risk a poorly constructed firewood shed). You also have to source and buy materials, which requires knowledge of the best materials to use. And, possibly most headache-inducing of all, if you don’t get the design or the materials right, you can end up with a shed that simply doesn’t last long enough to make it worth the effort.

If it sounds like a lot of work, it is. That’s why so many Kiwis choose to buy a premade kitset shed instead.

Outpost firewood sheds are full kitsets sheds, built from tough, durable materials sourced right here in New Zealand. They come with all the materials you need, including fixings, as well as instructions on how to build it yourself. The smaller, basic kitsets can be constructed over the course of a weekend with nothing more than two people and a set of basic tools. 

This doesn’t just save on labour costs, but also in terms of time: you decide when to build, how to build, and at what speed to build, with full control over the entire process - a very different prospect compared to building from scratch with the help of a builder. And you stay safe in the knowledge that every piece of timber and every nail in your kit is high-quality and designed for New Zealand conditions by building experts.

Even better, you don’t have to deal with transporting the materials yourself. We provide free shipping of our kitsets to Toll transport depots nationwide, so you can pick the kitset up with your trailer or, if need be, we can organise a hiab truck to finish the final journey to your property, if needed.

Is it hard to build a wood shed?

A firewood shed might seem like a simple thing to build, but the wrong design can be weak, leaky, possibly dangerous and, worst of all, not actually keep your wood protected - which is the whole point, after all!

Designing a durable, weatherproof shed is harder than it looks, but don’t worry. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you with our kitsets, which contain not just the materials, but the instructions on how to put the wood shed together as well.

We make the tough task of designing a solid firewood storage shed easy with our kitsets.

What are our wood sheds made from?

Outpost firewood kitsets are all constructed from materials sourced from New Zealand suppliers, from the sustainably grown pine that makes up the majority of the structure, to the ZINCALUME and Colorsteel iron cladding on the roof.

+ Strong treated timber framing & corrugated iron roofing 

+ Super strong design with spacious clearspan interior 

+ Easy to relocate with skid mounted base - can be towed by 4WD 

+ Ready to assemble kitset with precut parts & kitset instructions 

+ Kitset includes timber slat flooring & 1 wall

Our firewood sheds are built with heavy duty New Zealand materials, which ensures you get the highest quality of wood shed possible, built with New Zealand conditions in mind.

Whatever your budget, get in touch with us and we’re sure we can find a suitable solution to suit your needs.