Wood & Tool Shed Combos

If you need more storage for firewood as well as a dry lockable shed then take a look at these wood and tool shed combos.

The wood shelter side has timber slat flooring and wall to keep your firewood well ventilated and dry.

Outpost wood and tool sheds all have strong timber framing and quality Zincalume or Colorsteel roofing.

The benefits of a wood & tool shed

A wood & tool shed combines the best parts of both a firewood shed and a dedicated tool shed.

+ Convenience. Firewood takes up a significant amount of space, particularly if you’re using the firewood for the majority of your heating. The same can be said of your tools, which can quickly clutter up your garage, attic, or other interior storage spaces. An Outpost wood & tool shed provides a strong and convenient place to store both your tools and your wood so they don’t take up precious space elsewhere. This also means your splitting axe is right at hand to add to your firewood pile - easy as.

+ Seasoning. If you want to get the best efficiency out of your wood and additional cleaning from soot and smoke, you’ll need to have properly seasoned wood. A wood & tool shed provides the perfect place to store wood for ample seasoning, as well as keeping it protected so the seasoned wood stays that way.

+ Protection. Rain, wind, snow and hail can all damage your wood and your tools. A wood & tool shed provides a single, convenient and durable place to keep both your firewood and your tools out of the elements. This ensures that you don’t wake up on a cold morning to discover your firewood has rotten and your splitting axe has rusted. 

+ Organisation. Organise your tools properly and keep them easy to find when you need them with the proper storage provided by Outpost wood & tool sheds. Don’t form a search party every time you need to find your spade - save yourself the trouble with a combination wood & tool shed.

+ Better aesthetics. You can use an Outpost wood & tool sheds to reduce clutter from your property, using it as a place to store these often unsightly additions to the landscape, allowing yourself to enjoy your land without an errant axe getting in the way.

+ Higher property value. Home buyers love extra outdoor storage space, and if you’re using firewood as a primary heat source, that goes double for firewood storage. Potential buyers will be looking for a dedicated space to keep their firewood, and will likely add to their offer if you can provide them with it - not to mention the added bonus of the tool storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cheaper to build a wood and tool shed or buy one?

People who want a firewood and tool shed added to their property typically have two choices. They can either build a pre-made wood and tool shed through a kitset pack, or build one from scratch.

Building from scratch can be difficult and expensive. You either have to build one yourself, which often isn’t an option for people who don’t have specific building skills and tools, or you have to hire a builder to do it for you, which can be expensive. You may also have to find the right materials for your shed, and deal with the headache of consents for the shed as well, if it’s over a certain size.

It’s a lot of work - and that’s why we’ve designed our kitsets to be much easier compared to building from scratch.

Our wood & tool sheds are full kitsets, which means they come with everything you need to construct them: materials, fixings, instructions, framing, everything. They’re tough and durable, and designed by building experts right here in New Zealand - with New Zealand conditions and needs in mind.

This DIY approach saves on labour costs, and gives you more control over your building process. You get to choose when you build, and where, without having to consult with a third party. And with Outpost, you know that everything in your kitset, from the largest framing timber to the smallest nail, has been designed to fulfil your requirements.

The cherry on top is the shipping. Kitsets can be big, and they can be a hassle to get from one place to another. That’s why we provide free shipping, transporting your kitset to a local Toll transport depot for free. We can even sort out the hiab truck delivery to your property as well for an extra charge. We handle it all for you, so you can kick back and plan your build.

Do you need a foundation for a wood and tool shed?

Some wood and tool sheds require a foundation to be built, typically made from concrete and requiring a significant amount of labour to construct.

However, not all wood and tool sheds are created with this in mind. Outpost Buildings kitset sheds are designed for ease of construction and portability, which means no need for breaking ground on a permanent foundation - they just need a flat area to sit on.

What are our wood and tool sheds made from?

Like all Outpost kitsets, the wood & tool combo sheds are constructed from materials sourced from NZ suppliers, including sustainably grown NZ pine for the core and the framing.

  • Durable treated timbers, corrugated Zincalume or Colorsteel roofing
  • Timber slatted floor & 1 wall in wood shed side for ventilation
  • Ply flooring inside shed included
  • Clear roof panel for natural lighting
  • Easy to relocate can be towed by 4WD

Keep your tools and firewood safe and protected inside a shed designed and produced in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions. For higher quality and peace of mind, buy New Zealand-made.

Whatever your budget, get in touch with us and we’re sure we can find a suitable solution to suit your needs.