Livestock Paddock Shelters

Livestock paddock shelters for your calves, alpacas, pigs, goats or lambs!

Our livestock paddock shelters are portable, able to be moved to fresh ground or repositioned when required (small shelters can even be towed by a 4 wheeler).

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What is a livestock paddock shelter?

Outpost Buildings livestock paddock shelters provide safety, comfort and protection from the weather - something that any animal on your farm needs to be happier and healthier.

As paddock shelters, our designs feature three walls, a roof, and an open side for easy run-in, run-out accessibility for your animals, with the option of adding stalls or gates to your preference. 

Unlike a traditional livestock paddock shelter, we provide our paddock shelters as kitsets. These come with everything you need to build your own paddock shelter, or have a professional construct it for you. This includes the framing, the cladding, the flooring, everything down to the nails. All you need to provide is a basic set of tools.

Our livestock paddock shelters are suitable for a wide range of different types of common farm animals and pets - and some less common ones too. This includes:

+ Horses

+ Calves

+ Goats

+ Pigs

+ Lambs

+ Alpacas

+ Ponies

And more!

Like nearly all of our kitsets, our paddock shelters are designed to be portable, enabling you to put them where you want, when you want, with a minimum of fuss. And while they may be relocatable, that doesn’t mean they’re lightweights. We build all of our kitsets from tough, durable materials, sourced from right here in New Zealand, designed with the needs of you and your livestock in mind by masters of kitset buildings.

The benefits of a livestock paddock shelter

Keeping your animals comfortable, warm, calm and covered is an integral part of keeping your livestock happy and productive.
But it’s about more than just a roof over their heads - our livestock paddock shelters provide even greater benefits than just shelter!

Weather protection

No matter what animal you have, whether it’s horses, calves, alpacas, pigs, lambs, calves or anything else on four legs, they’ll need somewhere to get their heads out of the rain. And not just rain - New Zealand experiences hail and snow too. One of our paddock shelters will give your animals cover from the elements, keeping them happier and healthier.

Shade from the sun

Here in New Zealand, we’re lucky to have some seriously gorgeous summers. But too much of a good thing can become a problem for your animals. A paddock shelter gives your livestock cover from the sun as much as it does from the rain, making it an ideal addition to a pasture, paddock or field that lacks natural shade like trees and bushes.

Reduce annoying insects

It’s a fact that livestock paddock shelters with an open-face design reduce the amount of insect pressure your animals experience. When the buzzing and biting gets too frustrating, a livestock shelter gives your animals a place to get relief. What does that mean for you? Happier animals that are less likely to cause issues for you or the animals around them.


Depending on the animals that you have, you may have to contend with some of the predators and pests that can bother your animals when you aren’t looking. A livestock paddock shelter gives your animals a place to go when they’re in danger - or just spooked - and provides a safe place from any predators that may be looking to harass them. 


Paddock shelters provide more than just physical safety. They give your animals a place to go for psychological comfort as well. Horses, pigs, sheep - there are plenty of livestock animals that feel less anxious when they have a place to shelter. 


We use sustainable New Zealand pine for the framing of our livestock shelters, resulting in a paddock shelter that’s far quieter than their plastic or metal counterparts. This means less annoying cracks, creaks, thuds and bangs for your animals, providing improved comfort, especially if they’re using the shelter for sleeping overnight.


We design our livestock paddock shelters to be portable, like nearly all of our kitsets. This means that if you want to move your livestock from pasture to pasture, you can bring their shelter with them. All you need is a tow rope and 4x4 for our small shelters, or a 4WD/tractor for our larger designs. Better yet, you can even bring the livestock shelter to a brand new property - either one that you’ve moved to yourself, or to someone else’s if you want to sell it. The choice is yours.

What are our livestock paddock shelters made from?

We proudly build our livestock paddock shelter from materials sourced from New Zealand suppliers and assembled in New Zealand workshops wherever feasible. The core of our kitsets is framing made from sustainably grown New Zealand pine, while the roof cladding is formed from ZINCALUME or Colorsteel corrugated iron.

We choose to source our kitset materials from New Zealand as much as feasible not just because we’re proud Kiwi, but because we firmly believe that the best way to build a livestock paddock shelter that fits New Zealand conditions is to use New Zealand materials.

When you buy from Outpost, you’re supporting New Zealand business owners. 

Whatever your budget, get in touch with us and we’re sure we can find a suitable solution to suit your needs.