Shed Conversions

Looking to get a new office, sleepout or hobby room?  One of the great things about our kitsets is the ability to take it and make it your own.

Let’s take a look at a few of the ways you can convert one of our shed kitsets into something uniquely yours!

What is a shed conversion?

While you might have bought an Outpost Buildings shed kitset for a specific purpose - somewhere to keep the tools, store garden supplies and animal feed is a common one - we’ve designed our storage shed kitsets to be convertible into full-fledged living and working spaces with just a few creative changes and some DIY know-how!

We’ll let you in on a trade secret. Most of our shed kitsets are based on the same footprint and framing as some of our studios and cabins. This means that, with a bit of elbow grease and the right attitude, you can convert one of our sheds into nearly any living or working space you need. The only limit is your imagination! 

What are the benefits of a shed conversion?

By converting one of your existing Outpost Buildings sheds, rather than buying a brand new one, you can save yourself thousands of dollars. Plus, rather than trying to find the exact perfect right design for your needs, a shed conversion lets you customise your final space to your heart’s content.

You might be thinking that this is shooting ourselves in the foot. Don’t we want you to buy new kitsets from us? Sure, but we also want to give you the highest possible quality product that fits your budget and your needs - and designing our kitsets to be customisable is the best way we can do that. 

We take a huge amount of pride in just how convertible our sheds can be. Let’s take a look at a few ideas and suggestions.

Living Space Shed Conversions

Shed Conversion To House

Shed Conversion To Tiny Home

Shed Conversion To Granny Flat

Shed Conversion To Bar

Working Space Shed Conversions

Shed Conversion To Studio

Shed Conversion To Office

Shed Conversion To Chicken Coop

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to convert a shed?

If you want to convert your shed, you’ll need some tools, some imagination, and some hard work. We’ve designed our kitsets to have a base frame made of timber, making it easy to switch out fittings like shelves, windows and doors, when compared to alternatives that are primarily made from metal.

For larger conversion or more significant work, you may want to consider hiring a builder and/or other tradesmen to ensure you get the highest possible quality. Our kitsets are suitable for this too, having been designed by experts and suitable for a huge range of different additions or changes.

Thanks to recent law changes in August 2020, there are now far more exemptions around what you can and can’t build, particularly when you’re using a prefabricated kitset like the ones we provide. This makes it far easier not only to build a new shed, but also to convert one into something else.

That said, it’s incredibly important to check in with your local council and the New Zealand Building Code to make sure that your intended use is still covered under the new exemptions.

Wiring a shed as part of a conversion still counts as work that must be done by a licensed contractor.

Plumbing a shed as part of a conversion still counts as work that must be done by a licensed contractor.

Insulating a shed isn’t protected work but is still best to be done by someone with good skill to ensure that you get the full benefits of a conversion.

While that might seem like a lot of rules, it’s important to remember that we’ve designed our kitsets to be as fully convertible as possible. If you do need consent, our high-quality materials that meet or exceed every New Zealand Building Code requirement for their intended use will make it much easier to get than lower-quality alternatives.

If you have any questions about converting your Outpost Buildings shed, don’t be afraid to get in touch with our team!