Settler Stables

Need a horse stable that’s built tough but doesn’t sacrifice on aesthetics?

The Settler Horse Stable, Stall and Shelter range from Outpost Buildings is the perfect choice for you.

The benefits of a Settler Stable

All Outpost Buildings horse stables, stalls and shelters are built to provide security, protection and comfort to your horses, whether that be from temperature, insect, weather, or any other common rural annoyances or threats.

Settler stables feature a classic centre-pitch roof, providing plenty of headspace for horses to rear and play while also providing an ideal angle for keeping rain and leaves off the roof. If you’ve got larger breeds of horses to house, then a Settler Stable is an excellent choice, both in terms of low maintenance and in terms of happier horses.

If you suddenly need more room for a new project, or it's time to shift the pasture for your horses, moving a settler stable is as easy as a 4WD, a tow rope, and maybe a friendly guiding hand or two. You can even bring them with you to a new property if you sell your current one - with a portable kitset, what you do with your stable is always your choice.

Settler stables can also be made permanent, suitable for a wide range of different flooring options, from concrete to limestone to gravel.

These are some of the toughest, most durable horse shelters available in New Zealand, built to last with locally sourced, sustainable NZ timber framing and durable iron roofing - all constructed with a specialised design ideal for any size of horses.

Whether you’re looking for a small paddock shelter to give a pony some cover or a full stable for prize-winning mares, a Settler horse stable gives you peace of mind in knowing your horses are comfortable and protected, no matter the weather.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are our settler stables made from?

All Outpost Building kitsets, including our settler stables, are built from the highest quality materials, sourced right here in New Zealand. Our famously tough timber framing is made from locally sourced, sustainable NZ pine, and our corrugated iron roofing is manufactured in New Zealand too.

In your Settler Horse Stable kitset, you can expect to find:

+ Durable treated timber 6x2 inch framing

+ Exterior grade 15mm plywood end walls

+ Heavy duty 6x4 inch skid mounted base

+ Corrugated iron or Colorsteel roofing with a 10 year guarantee

+ Spacious clearspan interior with solid timber kickboards

+ Front gate enclosure & dividing rail options available

What's the difference between a horse stable and a barn?

Horse stables and barns are sometimes used interchangeably, but don’t be fooled: there’s a world of difference between a barn and a Settler Horse Stable.

Let’s start with the big one: the fact that Outpost Buildings stables are kitsets. These are DIY-able, flatpacked, all-in-one packages that provide everything you need to construct either by yourself and a friend, or by an experienced builder. We use sustainable pine and locally sourced materials in all our kitsets, making them strong but also light enough to be portable.

That means that, should you decide you want your Settler Stable elsewhere on your property, you can move it with nothing more than a 4WD and a tow rope.

A barn, on the other hand, is a different beast entirely. Often large, tall, permanent constructions on your land, barns may be used to house livestock like horses in much the same way as a stable. However, once they’re in place, they can’t be moved.

Barns, being bigger, do have the advantage of additional storage space, but it’s simply a matter of picking the right stable if that’s your concern. Space is always at a premium on a rural property, so we’ve developed a set of shelters with attached tackrooms - either in the middle to separate arguing horses, or at the end for easy access without disturbing the animals. This extra space gives you the means to store your feed, saddles, bridles, cleaning supplies, even motorbikes and mowers - all without the need for an expensive investment in a full barn.

And then there’s the comfort factor. Some people prefer barns because they’re able to house larger horses more comfortably - a taller building provides them with more headroom to rear up. Settler Stables are designed with that need in mind too, with a tall, centre-pitched roof to give them the extra space that they need to be happier and healthier mentally.

It’s a fact: the right Settler Stable can provide you with everything you need from stabling and storage in a single, portable kitset. No ground-breaking required. Though if you are interested in making a Settler Stable permanent, they can be integrated with any of the major flooring options: concrete, asphalt, limestone - you name it.

How do you build a Settler Horse Stable?

Settler Horse Stables are one of our advanced kitsets, which means they require at least a weekend of work and two people to put together - some of the parts are fairly heavy. The kits themselves come with everything you need to put them together, from framing to fixtures to fixings. All you need to provide is some basic tools.

All of our kitsets are DIY-able, reducing the costs of construction, but you can also choose to hire an experienced builder to put together your Settler Stable. Regardless of your preference, we provide all the guidance and materials you or your hired help will need.

Whatever your budget, get in touch with us and we’re sure we can find a suitable solution to suit your needs.


“We visited several rural properties in the area and were impressed by the Outpost stables. They were solid and authentic. The owners were all Outpost fans!

We contacted Rachael at Outpost, who was ‘patience personified’ as we explored the whole range of buildings with various modifications.

The buildings are very functional for Kate’s equestrian business for both herself and clients that come to do training. No regrets, the horses are happy and so are we.”

Greg and Khirsty Fleming

Settler 3 Bay Stable - Outpost Buildings