Chicken Coop & Hen Houses

Happy hens are housed in high quality chicken coops. We provide a wide range of options for portable, kitset chicken coops for sale, from small backyard shelters to commercial free-range hen house designs. All constructed from locally sourced and sustainable New Zealand timber.

What is a chicken coop?

A good coop is key to happy hens and better eggs. Simply defined, a chicken coop is any structure that can house your poultry, providing them with a protected space to rest, sleep, lay their eggs and socialise when they aren’t free-ranging or in an enclosed run. They typically include nest boxes filled with nesting material, perches for roosting, and space for feed, water and other necessities. They’re often enclosed in a run surrounded by chicken fences and contains chicken feeders, and other chicken accessories.

But there are chicken coops, and then there are chicken coops.

Outpost Buildings chicken coops are designed specifically for the people (and the chickens!) of New Zealand, constructed from durable materials designed to keep the lucky hens roosting inside comfortable. They are all constructed from materials and wood sourced from NZ companies, including sustainable New Zealand pine. All of them are designed to be relocatable, so they can be moved from place to place on your land - or moved to a brand new property altogether.

We reckon our NZ chicken coops are everything a chicken could need - and we think your flock would agree.

The benefits of having a chicken coop

Think of a chicken coop as a luxury condo for your hens, providing everything they need for a safe and happy life. 

Here are a few of the benefits of a quality New Zealand-made chicken coop from Outpost Buildings:


New Zealand is full of predators that would enjoy a chicken dinner, including stoats, ferrets, possums, and the neighbour’s dog. A coop provides safety from these and other animals, and prevents your chickens from wandering out into nearby streets, roads and other unsafe environments.


Chickens are extremely adaptable creatures, capable of living nearly anywhere in New Zealand. However, they still need comfortable shelter from the weather, like rain, wind, hails, and extreme temperatures. A coop provides this shelter, keeping them safe and comfortable from dangerous weather.


A familiar, safe space is absolutely integral for better sleep for your flock, and a coop provides just that. Good coops also provide opportunities for chickens to roost in their preferred social hierarchy, preventing arguments and fighting.

Laying Space

Good eggs come from happy hens, and coops that provide properly sized and spaced laying boxes will keep your layers at ease, creating more frequent and better eggs - and make it easier for you to collect them as well.


There will be times when you need to keep the chickens inside for their own safety, such as if you are exercising your dogs and want them to be able to run freely without bothering the flock. 

Unlike other chicken coops, the kitset sheds from Outpost Buildings are completely DIY as well as portable, meaning they can go wherever you need them to go, on your own time, at a reduced cost. And if they need to be elsewhere, or you want to sell your coop? It’s as easy as a tow rope or a trailer.

A good coop is an investment not just in your property, but in your flock as well. Happier hens are better behaved hens that produce better eggs. 

Trust us, you’ll taste the difference in your next omelette when you have eggs that come from a properly sheltered flock.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are our chicken coops made from?

As proud New Zealanders, all Outpost Buildings chicken coops we sell are made from locally sourced materials. Sustainable New Zealand pine is our primary material of choice, but we use other equally Kiwi-made materials, such as ZINCALUME or Colorsteel corrugated iron cladding.

We choose to support local Kiwi businesses not just because we support their hard work, but because we want to ensure that all of our kitsets are made from the highest quality components from manufacturers that know how to get the most out of them in New Zealand's unique climate.

What size chicken coop do I need?

Outpost Buildings offers a wide range of chicken coops for every size of flock, from small chicken coops for a handful of hens for those just getting started or with limited space, right up to full commercial-sized coops for almost 200 layers.

Each chicken coop comes with a recommended number of chickens for each, but all come with the basics that hens need for a happy and comfortable life. Larger chicken coops come with more space for more birds and can result in happier hens and better eggs, and also have some of our more advanced features, such as A-frame timber perches and roll-away egg boxes.

All of our chicken coops maintain the required number of square feet per chicken for minimal arguments and happier chooks.

Request our catalogue for more information on the range of coops available and their recommended flock size.

Do chickens need a hen house?

By law, chickens need some form of shelter to sleep and lay eggs in as part of your obligations as a chicken owner and as part of the Animal Welfare Act.

A hen house fulfils this obligation, but also provides your chickens with:

  • A dry, draft free place for your hens
  • Perches for them to sleep on at night
  • Next boxes for them to lay eggs in
  • Access to food & water
  • Ventilation & light

If you want happier, healthier, longer-lived chickens, then a quality hen house is key.

Can chickens stay in the coop all day?

You might notice that your chickens love their Outpost Buildings coop even more than you do! Sometimes, particularly during bad weather, your chickens will prefer to stay inside all day.

There’s no need to worry if so. We love to crow about such satisfied customers, and our coops are designed to fulfil the needs of your chooks as much as they fulfil yours.

Our coops are designed to provide everything a flock needs for a comfortable life and great laying behaviour, including:

  • Easily accessible nest boxes
  • Wire mesh for ventilation and light
  • Corrugated iron roofing for protection from the elements
  • Chicken doors for easy escape (if they decide to leave after all!)
  • Timber perches
  • Roof flashings to keep the rain out
  • Optional floor kits for maximum chicken comfort
  • And much more.

Our portable chicken coops can also be used as chicken tractors, so if the ladies are looking for fresh ground before they hop out, simply tow the coops along with a 4x4 to get them to greener pastures. 

As long as your flock doesn’t exceed the recommended number of hens for your coop and they have feed and water available, no need to fret about the chickens choosing to spend their time inside instead.

Whatever your budget, get in touch with us and we’re sure we can find a suitable solution to suit your needs.