Hen House Accessories

Keeping hens is easy! Anyone with a bit of backyard can successfully keep chickens.

Your chooks will thrive as long as they have a dry, draft-free place to live, fresh clean water and suitable food.

We sell a range of hen house accessories including chicken feeders, chicken treats and fencing.

What is a hen house accessory?

Once you’ve got your hen house sorted, there’s plenty more you can do to create healthier, happier hens! 

Our range of hen house accessories are designed to make your life easier and improve the lives of your chickens, including:

+ Chicken treats and feeding apparatus

+ Net fencing for improved security and free-ranging

+ Anti-parasitic powder for better health

And much more!

The benefits of hen house accessories

Chickens are easy to please - a solid chicken coop, a place to run around, regular feeding and access to water, and they’re happy.
However, if you want truly stress-free hens that produce even better eggs for your breakfast table, then you should be investing in our range of hen house accessories, all of which have serious benefits for your flock:

Chicken feeders

We offer chicken feeders for every budget and every preference, from simple drum-style poultry feeders through to full automatic Chookaterias! A feeder offers far more than simply scatter-feeding could, including helping the food last longer, reduce the number of times you have to actively feed your hens, and reducing the number of pests and rodents attracted to your hens by loose food.

Nutrition and treats

A chicken can’t thrive on feed alone! We provide a range of nutritional extras for your birds. 

Dried mealworms are an excellent addition to the menu, offering a protein-rich treat that’s also a source of necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients. 

Oyster shell grit covers your birds’ need for calcium, helping them build muscle and produce stronger eggs, as well as ensuring they have enough grinding material in their crop to better digest whole grains, seeds and kitchen scraps.

Get dinner and a show all in one with our poultry pecker hen treats, nutritious boredom busters chock full of grains, vegetables, chia, grit, garlic and herbs that doesn’t just feed your hens, but gives them entertainment too. They’re also great for discouraging feather-pecking!

Poultry fencing

Our poultry fencing provides safer free-ranging for your birds with simple-to-install and portable posts. Simply place the prongs in the grounds, push down with a foot, hook up the fence and presto: an instant run for your birds, no matter where you might like them to be. A great choice for restricting your chickens to a specific area - and for keeping them out of the garage!

Mite and insect control

Keep your birds parasite free with Smite Organic Mite & Insect Control Powder, a safe option for use in the hen house or even directly onto your birds. Kills mites dead in a flash.

How do I keep chickens entertained?

Chickens need fun as much as you do, but they sometimes struggle to find it on their own, especially if they can’t or don’t want to free-range away from their kitset shelter.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to keep the girls entertained and out of trouble, including:

Extra roaming space. The easiest way to entertain your chickens is to give them space to entertain themselves through foraging, running and sunning themselves. Set up or expand your free-roaming area with a set of chicken fences to give them more room but keep them where they are safe and happy.

Different food. You’d get bored if you had to eat the same thing every day! Poultry pecker treats, mealworms and other varied foods are a great way to spice up your chickens’ diets while also giving them the necessary nutrients to thrive.

Hanging feeders. Sometimes entertainment is simple. Hanging one of our drum-style chicken feeders not only keeps it away from dirt and pests, but also encourages your birds to jump for their dinner, promoting muscle growth, exercise and giving them a bit of a fun at the same time.

Whatever your budget, get in touch with us and we’re sure we can find a suitable solution to suit your needs.