Goat Shelter

The ideal shelters for your goats, our kitset goat sheds are 'Built Tough', made in New Zealand from quality locally sourced materials.

Expertly designed to meet and exceed the hardy durability requirements of rural NZ life, while maintaining their portablility for convenience.

What is a goat shelter?

Goats spend most of their time grazing, socialising, arguing and lying in the sun, but even the most outdoorsy animal lives happier and healthier when they have a goat shelter available.

Our goat shelters are built around a run-in, run-out design, with three full walls and a strong roof providing shade and shelter from rain, wind, snow and storm, while also retaining an open side to allow the goats to come in and out as they please with no gate-opening required on your part. This lets your goats decide when they’d rather be out of the rain or the sun, when they’d rather socialise inside, and generally gives them the freedom to choose when to shelter and when to roam. You value your freedom; so do your goats.

For those with needs beyond the basic design, however, we offer a wide range of different goat shelter designs.

+ Gates. With the optional addition of a gate, you can better control when your goats are tucked up in their cosy shelter, and when they’re out rambling. These are also great for if you have a sick goat and don’t want to expose them to the rest of the herd.

+ Holding stalls. While goats are sociable animals, they don’t always get along. Investing in separate holding stalls can give you the chance to separate out those who are having a disagreement and reduce the number of arguments. Alternatively, you can use dividers or the holding stalls to separate out different feed supplements, ensuring that the goats that need a little nutritional assistance get the right amount of what they need.

+ Extra storage. Some of our goat shelter designs come with an attached storage room, making sure you have all of your animal supplies on-hand where you need them: feed, tools, medicine; whatever you need, when you need it.

And much more!

No matter what needs you and your animals may have, there’s an Outpost Building kitset goat shelter that can meet them. Every single one of our designs are made with New Zealand requirements and conditions in mind, so you always know you’re getting a goat shelter for Kiwis, by Kiwis.

The benefits of a goat shelter

A good goat shelter keeps your animals warm, dry, safe and comfortable, but the right shelter does so much more than just keep the rain off.
Here's a few key benefits of our goat shelters:

Weather protection

Goats are tough, but extreme weather can be a cause for concern. A goat shelter provides protection from rain, wind, hail, snow and storms - or any other nasty conditions that may threaten the health of your herd.


Your goats will love laying out in the sun during warm weather, but with temperatures in the summer reaching as high as or higher than 30 degrees Celsius, it’s important to give them a place with shade as well. A goat shelter is a great option, and provides sun protection even if their pasture doesn’t have natural shade from trees and bushes.


Insects, parasites and other annoying pests can be reduced with a good goat shelter. They’re proven to reduce insect pressure and keep the bugs away from your animals.


When you need to move your goats, you should be able to bring your goat shed with you. Outpost Buildings goat shelters are designed to be portable kitsets, able to be built where you want, when you want, and then moved to where you need after construction is complete. You can even bring your goat shelter with you to a new property, or sell it off if you don’t have use for it any more. All you need is a 4x4 or a 4WD and a tow rope.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big should a goat shelter be?

The size of your goat shelter will depend on the size of your herd. For a run-in shelter, you should allow for 2sqm of floor space per animal. This will give them plenty of room to relax in the shelter without getting in each other’s way.

We provide a range of differently sized kitset goat shelters for nearly any size of goat herd; from small shelters suitable for a pair, to large goat sheds with room for an entire herd.

You should also consider additional uses for your goat shelter when choosing a size. We have a range of kitset goat shelters that also come with attached storage, which can be used to keep all your goat care, maintenance and feed supplies safe, dry and accessible

Do goats need an insulated shelter?

Typically, we find that our goat shelters are able to keep the vast majority of goats warm and comfortable, even during the winter months. However, if you are using your shelter as a sick bay or have older, younger, or frailer goats (particularly dairy goats), it may be worthwhile investing in insulation for your goat shelter.

While Outpost Buildings shelters don’t come insulated, we’ve designed them to easily be insulated with a minimum of additional effort. For a truly luxurious experience, the shelters can even be wired up and have heaters added - the choice is yours with our fully customisable kitsets.

What are our goat shelters made from?

Wherever possible, our kitsets are built from materials grown and manufactured right here in New Zealand. This includes everything from the sustainably grown pine in our framing to the corrugated iron in the roof (ZINCALUME or Colorsteel). 

Depending on your kitset, you can expect to find:

+ Strong, treated timber framing

+ ZINCALUME or Colorsteel corrugated iron roofing

+ Solid plywood kickboards

+ Galvanised fittings and fixings

By using high-quality, NZ-manufactured parts, we ensure that your goat shed is designed by Kiwis, for Kiwis - built tough for New Zealand farms.

We choose to use New Zealand materials because we want to ensure you get the toughest, most durable, best-designed goat shed possible - and we firmly believe that it’s New Zealand made materials that put our kitsets a cut above the rest.

Whatever your budget, get in touch with us and we’re sure we can find a suitable solution to suit your needs.

What People Are Saying

“Our goats Bonnie and Kylie love the calves shed. We have found the shed strong, well made and easy to erect (Marriage is still intact) and exactly what we needed on our farm-let.