She Sheds

Need a place to just be you?

An Outpost Building she shed kitset offers a tough, durable, customisable DIY solution to all your zen-seeking needs.

What is a she shed?

Move over man cave, the she shed is taking over.

The idea of a she shed is very similar to that of a man cave, in that it’s a special space that the woman (or women) of the house have declared their own. Their uses are as diverse as the women who build them, but usually offer a quiet spot to relax and for someone to be alone with their thoughts - no children, spouses or pets allowed. It’s a place to escape life’s many demands and pressures, to indulge in hobbies, and to find some zen.

She sheds usually take the form of a - you guessed it - detached shed, away from the house, in the garden or in a quiet part of a lifestyle plot. They can be as large or as small as the woman creating it needs it to be, creating a space for entertainment, rest, relaxation, and in some cases, work.

But what if a woman already has a zen place in their home? Then a she shed offers a place to let their creativity shine; to act passionately, uninterrupted, without the worry of disrupting the peace they and their family have worked hard to cultivate in the home.

Here are just a few ways that people use our she sheds:

+ Workshops for hobbies, crafting and construction

+ Reading nooks and mini libraries

+ Entertaining spaces for friends and family

+ Art studios for everything from painting to sculpture

+ Home gyms

+ Music recording studios

+ Home offices

The only limit to a she shed is in your imagination.

The benefits of a she shed

Many women struggle to find a place to zone out, relax or pursue hobbies during their busy, modern lives.
A she shed from Outpost Buildings offers a place of contrast - a place that’s all your own - and the benefits are clear:

Let your creativity shine

Outpost Buildings she sheds provide you with a place that’s truly your own. No need to consult with your partner, no need to worry about what guests or neighbours think. Do what you like, when you like, free of judgement, and discover (or rediscover) the things you’re passionate about.

Blow off steam

Modern lives are full of things to stress you out. Work, bills, kids - it can all get too much. The she shed provides you with an oasis away from the worries of life, allowing you the chance to blow off some steam, better moderate your moods, improve your happiness and even increase your productivity in other parts of your life. For the mothers out there, the she shed also offers a place for you to reestablish an identity outside of being a mum.

Your choices, your way

Outpost Buildings she sheds are made with timber framing, allowing you to easily customise what you use your shed for. Man caves have their pool tables and dart boards, why shouldn’t your shed have extra shelving for books, or a wall-attached table for crafts, or even a bed for uninterrupted naps? It’s your shed - it’s your choice of what’s inside it and what it’s used for.

Declutter your home

Pursuing a passion or hobby can take up a significant amount of room in your home. A she shed provides dedicated outdoor storage space for all your equipment, tools and supplies, instantly freeing up space in your home and providing easy access to what you need, when you need it.

Move it, move it

Outpost Buildings she sheds are portable after construction, using tough timber skids to allow you to tow it where you need it to go. Prefer the view on the other side of the garden? Simply get a 4WD and move it. Need to make more space for a larger project outside? A she shed can shift to where you want it to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to build your own she shed?

When you decide to invest in a she shed, you have two choices: build from scratch, or buy one premade.

Building from scratch can be a costly and complicated process, requiring you to source a builder, materials, designs and potentially consents. 

Buying a premade shed can also be troublesome, as they often require specialised transport - not to mention the fact the shed might not fit or look the way you want it once it gets there.

Outpost Buildings provides a middle ground with kitset she sheds - flatpacked, DIY constructions that can be put together by two people with handymen skills over the course of a weekend (depending on the size of the kitset), with all materials, fixings and instructions provided.

This means you save money on expensive labour while also ensuring that you get a high-quality, durable and comfortable she shed at the end of your project, allowing you to save dollars by putting in some elbow grease.

Better yet, we handle the delivery of your she shed kitset for you. We’ll arrange free freight of the kitset to your closest Toll transport depot, with the option of us arranging a hiab truck on your behalf if necessary.

A place away from the stresses of life doesn’t have to cost a bundle if you invest in a she shed kitset.

Can you sleep in a she shed?

You can put anything you want inside of a she shed - whatever will help you relax and find joy at the end of a busy day. If that includes a bed for an afternoon nap, then absolutely, you can sleep in your she shed!

If you want to sleep overnight or during cold weather in your she shed, it may be a good idea to add a heat source or insulation to your construction. Outpost Buildings she shed kitsets can have insulation added after construction, and we recommend getting a qualified electrician to install wiring for lighting and for your heating power needs.

What are our she sheds made from?

Our she sheds are made from New Zealand made and sourced materials where possible - including the sustainably grown NZ pine timber framing that makes up the core of our kitsets.

Depending on your she shed style, you can expect to find:

+ Durable treated timbers 

+ Strong corrugated iron or Colorsteel roofing

+ Quality window and door joinery 

+ Plywood flooring

This dedication to New Zealand-made ensures you get the highest quality of she shed possible - strong, durable, and environmentally friendly.

Whatever your budget, get in touch with us and we’re sure we can find a suitable solution to suit your needs.