Pitched Roof Cabin

Strong, relocatable and made to last the test of time, our pitched roof cabins - a great choice for your new sleepout, office, or hobbies room.

Our cabins are designed to meet (and exceed) the New Zealand building code.

What is a pitched roof cabin?

An Outpost Buildings pitched roof cabin could be a fantastic addition to your property. If you ever thought you want more space in your home - to work, to entertain, to play; anything! - then one of our cabins has what you need.

Our pitched roof cabins are provided as kitsets, so they handle everything short of a basic set of tools. That means the framing, the roofing, even the windows and nails, it all comes packed in the kitset.

This makes it easy for you or a builder to put together, no unexpected trips to the local hardware store required. And, even better, our kitset cabins are covered under the exemptions for building consent (depending on their use), so you won’t need to deal with the bureaucratic headache either.

We even handle shipping for you, so put the trailer away. We can get it to a local transport depot, or have it shipped directly to your property for an additional hiab truck hire fee.

You can use one of our pitched roof cabins as a:

+ Hobby Room

+ Man Cave

+ She-Shed

+ Home Office 

+ Sleepout

+ Holiday Cabin

And much more!

Extra space for nearly any purpose - what’s not to like?

The benefits of a pitched roof cabin

There’s plenty of reason to love a pitched roof cabin:

'Built Tough'

Our cabins are built differently, providing extra durability and toughness to ensure you can enjoy your cabin for years to come. We use sustainably grown New Zealand pine and corrugated iron roof cladding to keep your cabin standing tall even in the worst weather. Wind, rain, hail, snow, heat - our cabins can tackle it all and keep everything and everyone inside comfortable and protected.

NZ Made

We choose to use New Zealand sourced materials wherever possible, from the pine in our cladding to the cladding on the roof, not just to support our fellow Kiwi business owners, but to ensure you receive the highest possible quality product.

We build cabins for New Zealanders - why would we use anything other than New Zealand materials?


You’ve ordered the cabin, it’s been built, but disaster has struck: you need it somewhere else. It might be necessary, it might just be preference, but either way, your cabin is stuck where it is. Or is it?

Our pitched roof cabins are designed to be portable, fitted with tough timber skids that make them towable with a 4WD or a tractor. Even our larger cabins can be lifted and placed on a hiab truck to move, ensuring that no matter what kind of cabin you get, you have total control over where it is.

You can even take your cabin to a brand new property, either your own when you move house, or to someone else’s if you decide to sell it. This puts money back in your pocket and reduces construction waste all at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the minimum pitch for a cabin roof?

The minimum pitch required for a cabin roof depends on the type of cladding that’s used. We use corrugated iron cladding in our kitsets, as we believe it provides the best balance of weight, durability, cost and flexibility. It’s a big part of why our cabins are so durable, and our pitched roof cabins are no different.

The exact pitch of your cabin roof will depend significantly on the style of cabin you decide to build. Our single-pitched cabins have a different angle compared to our traditional gable-roofed options, for example.

However, regardless of the style, you can rest assured that your cabin will have the ideal angle to keep rain, snow, hail and other weather events from working their way into your cabin and to stop build up of leaves, water and other detritus. 

How do I build a pitched roof cabin?

Our pitched roof cabins are considered advanced sets, and are best built by someone with solid construction experience. While our more basic kitsets can be built by a couple of people over a weekend, advanced kits have additional features and complex parts that, if built incorrectly, can underperform.

Thankfully, our kitsets make it easy for your builder to put together, coming fully equipped with step by step instructions and all the materials they’ll need to put it together. This doesn’t just result in a higher quality product - it also makes the build time much faster, meaning less labour time spent by you and the opportunity to enjoy your cabin sooner!

What are our pitched roof cabins made from?

We build our pitched roof cabin kitsets from locally sourced parts and materials whenever possible. This includes New Zealand pine, renowned for its toughness and durability, which we use in the framing.

Depending on your cabin style, you can expect to find:

+ Durable timber frames, engineer designed for strength

+ Skid mounted treated timber bearers

+ Ply board & batten exterior wall siding

+ Treated ply flooring & pine decking

+ Interior ply wall lining

+ High quality window and door joinery

+ Complete kitset pack including hardware/fixings

We choose to work with New Zealand suppliers to support our fellow Kiwi business owners and to ensure that you get a high-quality, well-designed product that’s created by New Zealanders, for New Zealand conditions.

Whatever your budget, get in touch with us and we’re sure we can find a suitable solution to suit your needs.