Pig Stys & Shelters

Pigs are very intelligent and make great pets or friendly farmyard animals.

Outpost strong pig huts are made in New Zealand and feature heavy duty NZ timber framing.

Our pig shelters are relocatable so they can be moved to fresh ground or repositioned when required.

What is a pig sty?

Outpost Building pig sties are specially designed portable kitset shelters that provide your pigs with the comfort, safety and protection they need to be happier, healthier hogs. They provide a place for pigs to sleep and relax or shelter from the rain, using a “run-in shed” livestock shelter style so they can enter and leave when they want. Pigs value their freedom as much as you do!

Our range of pig sty kitsets come with either open or partial front walls, and the choice of either no flooring or durable timber slats (our recommendation), with a plywood back wall and corrugated iron roof cladding. All options are built tough, designed with your needs, your pigs’ preferences, and NZ conditions in mind.

They can be placed where you want, and because they’re relocatable, when you want. All you need is a tow rope and a 4WD to move them.

The benefits of a pig sty

Happy pigs are sheltered pigs, and Outpost Buildings pig sties are an excellent choice for providing your pigs with the protection and comfort they deserve.

Weather protection

It isn’t uncommon for New Zealanders to experience rain, high winds, hail, perhaps even snow. Pigs hate extreme weather conditions - an Outpost pig sty gives them a place to escape, draught-free and comfortable, no matter the weather.

Heat protection

Pigs hate too much heat and humidity almost as much as they hate the cold! Summer days in New Zealand can reach as high as (or higher than) 30 degrees Celsius. Give them a chance to get into shade and protect them from the sun with a pig sty.

Insect protection

While pigs can become accustomed to insects, that doesn’t mean they aren’t bothered by them. A pig sty reduces insect pressure, meaning fewer irritating bites for your pigs.


Pig sties give your pigs somewhere to be physically safe, but also psychologically safe. They can safely sleep, eat and socialise in their pig pens, creating better social structures in your herd and happier pigs overall.


All Outpost Building pig sties are relocatable, allowing you to move them to where you want, when you want. Need the pigs closer to the house, the barn, or feed supply, or just want to give them a shadier spot to roam in the summer? Simply grab a tow rope and a 4WD.


Pigs are known for being destructive - they love to scratch themselves on their shelters, resulting in pig sties that don’t last as long as you’d like. Our pig sties are extra-heavy-duty, ensuring that they can take whatever your pigs can dish out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you build a pig sty?

If you want to invest in a pig sty, you often have two choices: build from scratch or buy prebuilt.

Building from scratch can be a great option for those with handyman skills and the desire to customise their pig sty, but it also takes a lot of time, effort and, often, money. Buying something prebuilt is easier, but transport can be a hassle and you can’t always guarantee the quality of what you buy.

Outpost Buildings kitsets walk the middle ground, providing you with all the materials, fixings and instructions to construct the pig sty you want and need. Our step by step instructions  can take you through every part of the construction process, requiring only three things from you: basic tools, a little time (a weekend is usually enough) and some elbow grease.

With an Outpost Buildings kitset pig sty, you can rest assured that you’re getting the highest quality of pig sty possible, with every design expertly reviewed and created with New Zealand conditions - and New Zealand pigs! - in mind.

Best of all, we handle the shipping of your kitset for you, for free. We’ll arrange a drop off to your nearest Toll transport depot, and we’re happy to sort out a hiab truck drop off for an added fee from there, if needed.

We aim to make every part of building your pig sty easy - it’s as easy as placing an order, sitting back, and waiting for your new project to arrive.

What are our pig sties made from?

All Outpost Building kitsets are built tough, using NZ-made and sourced materials wherever possible. This includes strong, sustainably grown and harvested New Zealand pine.

Depending on your pig sty design, you can expect to find the following in your kitset:

Timber slat flooring & partial front wall

Durable treated timber 4x2 framing

Exterior grade 12mm plywood end wall

Heavy duty 4x3 inch skid mount for easy relocation - just tow with your 4x4

Corrugated iron roofing

We support New Zealand made at Outpost Buildings, not just because we’re proud Kiwis and want to support our fellow business owners, but because we want to ensure you get the highest quality pig sty possible. That’s only possible through using quality, NZ-grown materials, designed with New Zealand conditions in mind.

Whatever your budget, get in touch with us and we’re sure we can find a suitable solution to suit your needs.