Small Pig Sty
Small Pig Sty - Outpost Buildings
Small Pig Sty - Outpost Buildings
Small Pig Sty
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Small Pig Sty

1.8m x 2.5m x 2.1m high
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Product description

Strong, relocatable Pig Sty

Pigs are known for being a bit destructive at times, they love to scratch on their huts and as a result can be very hard on them. Outpost Pig Stys are extra heavy duty and designed so they can be moved from paddock to paddock to fresh ground if required.

The timber slat flooring inside keeps your pigs up off the ground which they'll appreciate in wet or cold weather.

Pigs hate extreme weather conditions, be it cold winds and draughts or soaring temperatures and humidity. So ensure that they have access to shelter; somewhere dry to sleep with shelter from the wind and rain. Pig pens should be draught-free but there needs to be a good circulation of air when temperatures rise, it's a good idea to choose a pig pen that is relocatable so that you can position it to shelter from the cold in the winter and then move it to a shadier spot for the summer months.

Colorsteel upgrades available - check out the range of colours to choose from here >

DIY kitset; Basic building skills required, low building height & manageable weight parts for 1 person. Please contact us to confirm expected delivery date.

FREE KITSET DELIVERY to transport depots nationwide.

  • Timber slat flooring & partial front wall included
  • Durable treated timber 4x2 framing
  • Super strong design
  • Exterior grade 12mm plywood end wall
  • Heavy duty 4x3 inch skid mounted base
  • Skid mounted for easy relocation just tow with your 4x4
  • Corrugated iron roofing
  • Colorsteel upgrades available
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