Outpost playhouses are strong, safe and relocatable designs that will last for generations of fun!

Classic timeless designs made with heavy duty New Zealand timber framing and quality Zincalume or Colorsteel cladding.

Our kitset playhouses come with step by step instructions and make for a fun family project to build together.

What is a playhouse?

Who says sheds and cabins are just for the adults? Kids need their own playspaces too! Our kitset playhouses offer a place for the kids to play, learn, get creative and have all the fun they like without messing up the living room, nursery or their bedroom.

Our kid-sized kitsets are made from the same materials as our adult-sized ones, meaning that these are playhouses that will last for generations. The houses your kids play in could be the same ones your grandkids play in, thanks to the tough, NZ-sourced materials that we use in our designs as well as the built-in portability. Even if you move home, these playhouses can come with you, requiring no fixed foundation.

Our playhouses also make for an excellent family project, as they come as kitsets with all the materials and instructions you need to build it. No need to drop in to Mitre 10 - all you need to provide is some basic tools. What an opportunity to teach the kids some basic carpentry!

The benefits of a playhouse

We’re the leading provider of durable, high-quality kitset playhouses in New Zealand. But you don’t have to just take our word for it!
Here are just a few of the reasons people choose our kitsets:

'Built Tough'

We build our kitsets tougher than the average - and when you’ve got some boisterous kids, that makes a huge difference in how long your playhouse lasts! We use heavy-duty, NZ-grown timber framing and genuine Zincalume iron roof cladding - there’s no cutting corners on material quality for these playhouses.

This makes the playhouses tough, but also means your kids are completely safe while they play inside. The huts are windproof, weatherproof, and capable of withstanding even the worst of New Zealand weather.

NZ Made

Our playhouses are designed with the needs of Kiwis and Kiwi kids in mind - they’re built for a wide range of common New Zealand conditions, making them durable even against winter storms, freezing snow and the hottest summer sun.

How do we do it? By sourcing our materials from other Kiwi businesses wherever possible. Our framing is constructed from sustainably grown New Zealand pine, ensuring that we not only support our fellow New Zealand business owners, but create kitset playhouses that are of the highest quality possible.


Like many of our kitsets, our playhouses are designed to be fully portable. Want the kids to play closer to the house? Simply tow it or enlist a couple of strong friends. Want to take the playhouse with you to your new home? A trailer is all you’ll need!

We do this by attaching tough timber skids to the bottom of our playhouses. These are as tough and durable as the rest of the set, and ensure that you have total control over where your playhouse is - and when.

This also means that if the kids grow out of their playhouse, you can easily sell it on to the next owner. This puts cash back into your pocket and reduces the environmental impact of your playhouse too.


Our playhouses are kitsets, meaning that you have the opportunity to turn what would otherwise be just another toy purchase into a learning experience for your kids!

Everything you need comes as a flatpack, from the framing to the cladding to the fixings. All you need to provide is some basic tools, a little bit of time and some elbow grease.

Our kitsets are so easy to install that you could even get the kids themselves involved, show them how satisfying a day of hammering and carpentry can be, and how fantastic a feeling it is to be able to play in something that they helped build themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age are our playhouses for?

Outpost Buildings offers two sizes of playhouse: small and large. The smaller kits are great for kids between the ages of 2 and 8, while the larger playhouses are a good choice for kids between 4 and 12.

Both design options have plenty of space inside for kids' toys and even miniature furniture so your kids can really ‘play house’ in their playhouse. Our larger option is up to 2.5m high and could even be converted into a tiny study for older kids to do their homework in or a garden shed once they’re all grown up.

What are our playhouses made from?

We build kitsets that are tougher than most, and to achieve that level of durability, we work with only the best materials, sourced as much as possible from right here in New Zealand.

Depending on your playhouse style, you can expect to find:

+ Durable 4x2 treated timber framing

+ Timber framed window with perspex

+ Pre-assembled timber-framed door

+ Corrugated Zincalume roofing with a 10 year guarantee

+ Skid mounted for easy relocation

+ Exterior grade plywood end walls

+ Galvanised hinges & padbolts

Our dedication to supporting local means you get a superior cabin that’s tough, durable, and designed specifically with New Zealander in mind.

Whatever your budget, get in touch with us and we’re sure we can find a suitable solution to suit your needs.