Green Houses

We produce strong timber framed green houses that come with high quality Top Glass clear corrugated cladding and a 15 year warranty.

Our green houses are designed to be relocated should you ever need, and are available in 2 distinct sizes: 5.8 metres long & 3.6 metres long - all variants are 3 metres wide, 2.5 metres high.

What can you grow in a greenhouse?

Anything you can grow in your garden, you can grow in your greenhouse - in fact, you can grow more! Because an Outpost Buildings greenhouse gives you the ability to control the temperature year-round, you can grow practically anything in a greenhouse, given the right temperatures.

Some popular choices in New Zealand include:

+ Strawberries

+ Peppers

+ Beans

+ Tomatoes

+ Cucumber

+ Microgreens

+ Flowers

+ Orchids

You can even grow plants that wouldn’t normally be able to grow in New Zealand due to the temperatures - no more paying for imported produce when you can grow it in your back garden!

The benefits of a greenhouse

Our greenhouses ensure you can protect your plants and expand your range of growing options, no matter the weather.

Extend growing seasons

One of the biggest benefits to a greenhouse is that you aren’t as restricted in what to grow and when. An Outpost greenhouse can extend your growing seasons, allowing you to plant just about anything you desire by allowing you to better control the temperature and simulate warmer weather even in the depths of winter.

Improved pest protection

Pests can devastate a garden if they aren’t prevented from getting a grip on your plants. An open garden allows animals, insects and other pests easier access to your plants. An Outpost greenhouse provides protection against these dangers by providing physical barriers and encouraging more efficient pesticide use.

Portability and customisation

Typically, plants in a greenhouse don’t grow in the ground, but rather in pots, planters and baskets. This allows you to move them around as needed - something that’s difficult if not impossible in a typical open garden. Outpost Buildings greenhouses are also designed to be portable, allowing you to move your entire greenhouse to a better position with little more than a tow rope and a 4WD.

Better weather protection

Outpost greenhouses are covered with durable clear roof panelling, providing your plants with protection from wind, rain, snow, hail, and other weather that could damage your precious plants. Greenhouses also provide temperature stability, ensuring that there’s less chance of a sudden frost or high winds doing irreversible damage

An Outpost greenhouse allows you to decide what to grow, when you want to grow it, no matter what the weather or even the season decides, and keeps your plants protected while you nurture them to maturity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I put my greenhouse?

The placement of your Outpost greenhouse will depend on a number of factors, likely most important being the amount of sun in an area.

Typically, greenhouses are placed in areas with lots of direct, bright sunlight. Think 6 hours at a time, and you’ll be in the right general space. This will depend on how warm you want your greenhouse to get, however, so the right spot may change from time to time.

Thankfully, just like our storage sheds, Outpost Buildings greenhouses are designed to be fully portable, using durable timber skids in place of a permanent foundation. This means that, if you change your mind or want to grow something different in your greenhouse, you can simply move the kitset over to a better location. 

This also means that, should you decide you don’t need the greenhouse any more, you can easily sell it onto another buyer. Full portability means you can place, move and sell your greenhouse as you want to, saving you money on rebuilds and even putting some dollars back in your pocket by selling an unneeded greenhouse.

No matter where the greenhouse is placed, we recommend an area that’s relatively flat, sheltered from the wind, and with a decent amount of sunlight. This will ensure the safety and performance of your greenhouse.

What are our green houses made from?

All Outpost Buildings kitset sheds are made from the highest quality materials, grown, manufactured and sourced from right New Zealand suppliers - including our famously durable sustainably grown New Zealand pine.

In your greenhouse kitset, you can expect to find:

+ Durable treated timber 4x2 or 6x2 framing (depending on what model you choose)

+ Super strong design

+ Exterior grade 12mm plywood end walls

+ Heavy duty 4x3 or 6x4 inch skid mounted base (depending on what model you choose)

+ Industrial strength translucent sheets for lighting

+ Spacious interior with prefabricated doors

+ Galvanised hinges & padbolts

+ Optional back wall louvre vents also available

All of your materials come with full instructions on how to build your greenhouse, which is possible with two people, a weekend of work, some basic tools and some building skills. Our greenhouses are large DIY sets, so some parts are heavy, and you’ll need at least 2 people with basic building skills to assemble your Outpost greenhouse. You can also hire a builder to construct the greenhouse on your behalf.

Whatever your building preference, at the end of the build, you’ll have a tough, durable, weather-resistant greenhouse ready to grow nearly anything you can think of - from flowers to vegetables to tropical fruits and plants.

Whatever your budget, get in touch with us and we’re sure we can find a suitable solution to suit your needs.