Chicken Runs & Fencing

Like to let your hens free range but want to keep them out of your garage and off the vege garden?

Our chicken fencing is a great, easy to set-up and portable solution that comes complete with posts and extra ground pegs.

Easy to use - the ground posts have 2 prongs on them so you can stand on them to secure them into the ground.

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What is a chicken run?

While most chicken owners would love for their chickens to be able to live completely free-range, able to forage to their hearts’ content and then returning to the warm and safe chicken coop when they feel like it, the realities of chicken owning are often very different.

For most chicken owners, particularly those with backyard chickens, there simply isn’t enough room or enough safety for the chickens to be able to go wherever they like, whenever they like. You don’t have time to chicken-sit your birds 24/7, so they must be enclosed from time to time.

But that doesn’t mean they have to be shut up in the coop!

A chicken run with chicken fencing provides the best of both worlds; encircling a specific area of your land with fencing to provide your hens with a decent amount of roaming space, but limiting how far they go. This keeps them safe from wandering out into the road, or off your land - and it keeps your garage and vege garden safe from enquiring chickens too!

This little patch of chicken paradise provides them with the chance to be outside, rooting around the grass and leaves for bugs, lie in the sun, dig for a dust bath, or do any of the many other things that free-range chickens get to enjoy - without the associated risks.

Outpost Buildings provides the ideal chicken run fencing for defining a run - big or small - with easily installed and removed posts and durable, flexible fences. Outdoor chickens are happy chickens - we just provide you with the tools to keep them safe while they range away from the safety of their kitset shelter.

The benefits of having a chicken run

There are a number of benefits to having a chicken run for your flock:

Outpost chicken runs encourage natural behaviours

While chickens have been tame for a long time, they still remain the descendants of wild birds. They have a natural inclination towards free-ranging, and discouraging or disabling their ability to take part in that inherent ‘chickeny-ness’ will result in depressed, lifeless birds with equally lifeless produce.

A decently sized chicken run will give your girls the space they need to exercise, enjoy the fresh air, hunt down bugs for extra vitamins and minerals, and, of course, absorb their daily dose of vitamin D.

And it’s not just the chickens that benefit either - you do too. Studies have shown that chickens who are able to forage outside produce eggs that are higher in heaps of important nutrients: beta carotene, vitamin E and the all-important Omega-3 fatty acids, when compared to chickens who are forced indoors.

It’s a no-brainer: chicken runs are good for the bird, good for their eggs, and ultimately, good for their owner!

Outpost chicken runs contain the flock

Having the chickens run free might be great for them, but they aren’t always considerate in where they go! 

Plenty of homeowners have ended up discovering the hens in places where they should be: in the garage, in the vege garden, possibly even in the house itself if a back door is left open. It’s one thing to let the birds out to enjoy themselves, and quite another to discover they’ve left mud and dropping all over the carpet and taken bits of your cabbages.

An Outpost chicken run fence ensures the birds can free-range, but only in the places you want them to. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How high should chicken fencing be?

Chickens might be flightless birds, but that doesn’t mean they can’t flap with the best of them - sometimes enough to make it over the chicken fence you’ve put up. 

When designing your chicken run, it’s important to consider:

+ The breed of chicken. Some chickens are able to jump or fly higher than others, so make sure that your birds aren’t the more daredevil types. Outpost Buildings fences are 112cm high, which is enough for most breeds to stay put.

+ Object placement. Chickens love to climb up shrubs, trees, boxes, wheelbarrows, feeders and, yes, their coop, and might use them to get some extra height to flap over your fence. Make sure the areas immediately next to your fence are free from these objects to prevent escapees.

+ Your height and needs. You’ll need to get over the fence somehow - either by lifting up the fence itself off the poles and walking in, then replacing it, or stepping over the fence itself. The latter is more convenient, so if you’ll need to visit your birds a lot, we recommend a fence height that you can step over easily.

What is the best kind of fencing for chickens?

+ Portable

+ Great for moving the flock to different pastures, bring it with you if you move the coop

+ Light

+ Easy to install

Outpost Buildings fencing options are designed to be light and portable, perfect when combined with our equally portable chicken coops. This is what makes it some of the best types of chicken fencing: when you want to shift your coop, the chicken run can with it, allowing you to get all the benefits of a coop and attached run without the need to deconstruct and reconstruct the entire structure elsewhere.

Want to move your chickens to a new pasture after they’re done with the current one? Our fencing makes it easy.

Want to expand your chicken run to include more birds or to provide more roaming space? Our fencing makes it simple.

Want to be able to put your chickens where you want, when you want? Our fencing is the right choice for your flock.

Whatever your budget, get in touch with us and we’re sure we can find a suitable solution to suit your needs.