Pump Sheds

Strong and secure sheds to protect on farm water pumps.

Quality treated timber framing and corrugated iron cladding mean these sheds will last the test of time.

Ready to assemble kitsets are delivered nationwide - freight free to a transport depot near you!

What is a pump shed?

On a farm or rural plot, your water is one of your most precious resources. A pump shed provides durable, long-lasting protection for your pump and any associated electrical facilities, reducing the potential for damage and ensuring you maintain access to your water no matter what the weather might throw at it.

Pump sheds are typically small, permanent structures that are built after the water pump is installed, surrounding it on all sides and the roof with metal cladding, including a door for easy access for maintenance. 

You may also find pump sheds on properties with a swimming pool, as these types of pumps require the same kind of protection as an on-farm pump, and can benefit in the same way from the addition of a pump shed.

The benefits of a pump shed

No matter what kind of pump you have on your property, it can benefit from the addition of a pump shed.

Protection from corrosion and frost

Without the right protection, the weather in New Zealand can easily damage and possibly even totally destroy the parts of your water pump that are vulnerable to corrosion. A pump shed provides cover for your water pump and its associated electrical parts, improving its life expectancy and reducing the likelihood of corrosion-related breakdown. Pump sheds are often much less expensive than the cost of replacing your pump after corrosion damage.

Noise reduction

Water pumps can be incredibly loud and distracting, particularly if they are constantly operating as part of everyday use on a farm or lifestyle plot. A pump shed can help reduce that noise, bringing the decibels back down to a regular level and ensuring that you - and your animals - aren’t kept awake by the noise.


Water pumps simply sitting out in the open are ugly - it’s a fact. Why ruin the look of your land when you don’t have to? While pump sheds might’ve once been rickety lean-tos, built to the bare minimum standard, Outpost Building kitset pump sheds are designed with form in mind as well as functionality.


Depending on their size, pump sheds can also easily be used for storage purposes. The water pump is unlikely to take up the entirety of the space, so garden tools, supplies, even animal feed can be stored alongside. Two birds, meet one stone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs a pump shed?

Anyone who relies on water for the upkeep of their farm or lifestyle plot and uses a water pump to get it can benefit from the addition of a pump shed. They offer protection for your expensive pumps, reduced noise pollution, better aesthetics and can be used as additional storage to boot - there are few people who wouldn’t benefit from all of those bonuses.

Better yet, Outpost Buildings pump sheds are designed as kitsets. This means you can simply pick a design, order it, and we’ll ship it to the closest Toll transport depot to you for free (with the optional addition of organising a hiab truck for its final journey). 

From there, you have the choice of constructing the pump shed yourself - our kitsets come with all the materials, fixings and instructions you need to DIY it - or hire a builder to take care of the construction for you.

What are our pump sheds made from?

Output Buildings pump shed kitsets are made from tough, durable materials, sourced from companies right here in New Zealand. Our materials include sustainably grown NZ pine, which makes up the framing, and ZINCALUME or Colorsteel corrugated iron wall and roof cladding.

By working with fellow Kiwi businesses in our kitsets, we ensure that you get high-quality, trade-tested materials for your pump shed, designed by New Zealanders, for New Zealanders, and with New Zealand conditions in mind.

In your pump shed kitset, you can expect to find:

+ Person door size 1950mm x 890mm

+ Durable treated timber 4x2 framing

+ Corrugated Zincalume exterior walls

+ Corrugated Zincalume roofing

+ Premade door with quality fixings & fittings

+ Galvanised hinges & padbolts included

+ Colorsteel upgrades available

Our pump sheds are designed to be attached to a concrete pad or attached to piles, so please ensure that your ground is ready before ordering a pump shed.

For more information on our range of pump sheds and which would be right for your needs, please get in touch with our team.