Tool Sheds

Our tool sheds are the perfect for your garden tools - big enough for your lawn mower, hedge trimmer and wheelbarrow, but small enough to fit in your backyard.

Featuring strong timber framing and quality corrugated iron roofing (Colorsteel options available).

The benefits of a tool shed

Our tool sheds offer plenty of benefits to those who choose to invest, from increasing storage space to possibly even adding to property value.

Organise your tools

Outpost tool sheds give you one thing before anything else: more space and instantly improved organisation opportunities. Use the storage to better organise your tools, making them easy to find and retrieve when you need them - not to mention keeping them locked away for peace of mind and insurance purposes.

Easy access

Don’t make your next project harder than it needs to be. A tool shed provides you with easy access to your tools when and where you need them, eliminating the need to go trekking back into the house every time you need a new tool. Keep your tools on hand!

Better aesthetics

A tidy garden is a beautiful garden, and a tool shed gives you the opportunity to make sure your tools aren’t spoiling the view. Enjoy your garden to its fullest without a spade, hammer or trowel getting in the way.

More space

Tired of the clutter in the garage? Free up some space in an otherwise unused outdoor area with a tool shed. This will give you more outdoor storage in the places you need it most without sacrificing any other interior spaces to get it.

Higher property value

Storage matters to potential home buyers, and your tool shed offers it in spades (literally). When selling your home, a tool shed tells potential buyers that they’ll be able to fit their whole lives in your home - their tools included - and encourages them to make a better offer to secure your property.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cheaper to build a tool shed or buy one?

Building a tool shed from scratch isn’t cheap. There’s the costs of hiring a builder, the resource required for sourcing materials, and the ever-difficult process of securing consents, should you want to build a decently sized structure.

We’re taking the work out of getting your tool shed with a pre-made, pre-designed and ready-to-build kitset. 

Outpost Buildings tool shed kitsets contain everything you need to put a tool shed together, either by yourself or with the help of a tradie. Your kitset will includes all the materials, fixings and instructions you need to put it together, typically over the course of a weekend. Taking the DIY approach means that you save real dollars, while the fact it's a kitset means you can stay safe in the knowledge that your tool shed has been vetted by experts before you begin.

What about the shipping? No stress. We provide free shipping of all our tool shed kitsets to your local Toll transport depot. We can even organise a hiab truck to send it on its final journey to you, if that’s needed. 

You can sit back, relax, and plan your tool shed project - we’ll handle the shipping. 

Are plastic tool sheds better than wooden ones?

When you’re buying a tool shed, you have several options of material: plastic, metal, or wood.

At Outpost, our tool sheds are made primarily from wood. We use the toughest, most durable NZ pine that we can for our framing, wall cladding and timber skids. Nearly all of our tool shed designs are made to be portable, and wood offers the best combination of durability, weather resistance and weight. 

A wooden tool shed also offers unparalleled customisation. It’s easy to stain or paint wood any colour that you prefer, and extra shelving, cupboards and other additions can simply be nailed in. You don’t get that level of easy personalisation in a plastic or metal shed.

That isn’t to say that a wooden shed is perfect. Poor quality wooden sheds can decay, possibly even rot, without a strict maintenance regime. That’s why buying quality and working with an expert supplier is so important when investing in a wooden tool shed - treated timber and a good paint job is a must to keep your shed looking great for decades to come.

What are our tool sheds made from?

When you buy an Outpost tool shed kitset, you’re buying New Zealand made. The timber framing, which makes up the core of our kitsets, is built from sustainably grown NZ pine.

Depending on your tool shed style, you can expect to find:

Durable treated timbers 

Strong corrugated iron roofing

Galvanised steel fittings and hinges

Clear panel of roofing for natural lighting inside

Plywood flooring

We buy NZ-made so that you get the highest quality tool shed possible - tough, durable, and built by Kiwis and for Kiwis.

Whatever your budget, get in touch with us and we’re sure we can find a suitable solution to suit your needs.