Large Chicken Coops

Sometimes, size matters.

If you’ve got a large number of chickens in need of shelter, our kitset chicken coops provide unparalleled protection and durability, while still remaining portable. 

What is a large chicken coop?

A high-quality chicken coop is mandatory if you want to keep your flock happy - no matter how big your flock may be. Every hen and rooster needs a strong, sturdy structure to sleep, socialise, roost and lay in when they aren’t out in the pasture or in an enclosed run. 

Chicken coops come in all shapes and sizes for all shapes and sizes of flock. Some chicken owners, typically those with backyard chickens, may only need a small chicken coop for a small clutch of hens. Particularly passionate or commercial-sized owners, however, with a large number of chickens, will need something more significant.

Outpost Buildings provide every size of chicken coop, from tiny shanty-style coops right up to commercial-sized barns suitable for up to 180 hens. If you need high-volume, high-quality, comfortable housing for your flock, we’ve got a kitset that’s suitable for you.

We design all of our coops specifically for the needs of New Zealand people and New Zealand hens. All of them are constructed from locally sourced, durable materials, including sustainably grown New Zealand pine, that keep the birds comfortable, even in harsh weather conditions.

Best of all, even our largest chicken coops can be portable, being mounted on tough timber skids and towable by a 4WD. When you move your hens from pasture to pasture, their coop can move with them. Even if you sell your property or decide you don’t have a need for the coop any more and want to sell it, shifting the coop to a new home is as easy as placing it on a decently sized trailer or hiab truck, depending on coop size.

Our large chicken coops provide everything your birds could need from a shelter, including a tiered perch system, nest boxes for easy egg collection, and chicken doors for simple free-ranging.

The benefits of having a large chicken coop

Our large chicken coops provide more than just ample space for your birds to enjoy.
They offer safety, shelter, better sleep, more laying space, and make it even easier to expand your flock.


Keep the predators of New Zealand at bay for your whole flock with a large, sturdy chicken coop. Our coops can protect your birds from stoats, possums, ferrets and even the neighbours’ dogs, giving them a safe and secure place to roost without concern of being interrupted.


Wind, rain, hail and snow can potentially harm or even kill your chickens. Give them a comfortable place to be protected from the elements with an Outpost Buildings chicken coop and taste the difference in the eggs produced by less stressed hens. 


Our large chicken coops are designed to provide the best possible nights’ sleep for your hens, with our largest offerings including a removable A-frame for tiered roosting. This ensures that your birds can roost in their preferred social hierarchy, preventing arguments and fighting. Hen houses are a fantastic choice for providing your chickens with a safe, familiar space to roost in.

Laying space

With a large flock of birds, well-sized and space laying boxes are more important than ever to get the most out of your hens. A large chicken coop gives your birds as much space and comfort as they need, even with a large number of other birds around them. Our nest boxes make it easy on you too, with a tilted design that makes egg collection a breeze and reducing how much you disturb your flock.


People who complain about ‘herding cats’ have clearly never had to deal with a large flock of chickens! Keeping your birds confined will be mandatory at some point, and a large chicken coop ensures that your flock has the space they need to be happy, even when they’re being kept inside.

Easy expansion

With our largest chicken coops providing space for up to 180 hens, most owners of an Outpost Buildings coop will find that they have space left over for additional birds. Investing in a large chicken coop early ensures that you don’t have to buy new coops if you expand your flock - future proof your chicken shelter!

Easy assembly

Outpost Buildings chicken coops, large or otherwise, are designed to be easy to assemble, either by yourself or through a hired builder. All you need is a couple of friends, some basic building skills, a simple set of tools, some hard work, and a weekend or two of time - everything else is provided for you, from the framing to the cladding to the nails and fixings. 


While we design our coops to be tough and durable, we also design them to be portable - even our biggest one. If you want to move your chicken coop, all you’ll need is a tow rope and a 4WD or tractor, allowing you to move your coop on the specially designed timber skids to wherever you need them to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big does my chicken coop need to be?

Our kitsets come in a wide range of different sizes, from a handful of hens right up to full-sized commercial coops for almost 200 birds.

Each chicken coop comes with a recommended number of birds, but all come with what your hens need for a full, happy and comfortable life. Larger coops come with more space for more birds, as well as some advanced features such as A-frame timber perches.

No matter what size of coop you buy, all of our kitsets come with the required number of square feet per chicken for minimal arguments and maximum comfort.

Request our catalogue for more information on the range of coops available and their recommended flock size.

What are our large chicken coops made from?

All of the materials for our large chicken coops are sourced from local NZ suppliers wherever possible, including sustainably grown New Zealand pine that’s used in our framing.

We choose to work this way not just because we believe in supporting our fellow New Zealand businesses, but because we aim to provide you with the highest quality chicken coop possible. The easiest way to do that? Use materials that are made with New Zealand needs and New Zealand conditions in mind. That’s how we’re able to create coops with incredible durability, toughness, and performance.

Whatever your budget, get in touch with us and we’re sure we can find a suitable solution to suit your needs.