Bach Sheds

Building a bach shed just got easier.

Our range of tough, durable bach shed kitset designs are perfect for creating a second source of income through an AirBnB or creating a holiday home all for yourself.

You can sit back and relax with a bach shed from Outpost Buildings.

What is a kitset bach shed?

Is there anything more iconically Kiwi than a bach? A little slice of heaven, a little getaway at the beach, in the mountains or in the forest - you haven’t really experienced everything that Aotearoa has to offer until you’ve had the ‘bach experience’.

That’s why so many Kiwis make it a priority to build a bach, or convert one from an existing structure (e.g. a bach shed). While it might once have referred to something exclusively used on the beach, lots of Kiwis are building baches in their gardens instead, either as ‘staycation’ holiday homes for themselves, or to rent out as AirBnBs.

But here’s the rub. Building a traditional bach shed can be an expensive, time-consuming and sometimes frustrating extension to an existing home - and any mistakes made during the construction of a permanently foundationed bach shed are there to stay.

Why are our bach sheds different?

Kitset bach sheds are different. When you buy a kitset, you get everything you need to build a bach shed in a single pack, providing either you or your preferred professional builder with the opportunity to construct your preferred bach through step-by-step instructions.

The kitset method means that you don’t have to go seeking out the right builder with the right designs. You don’t have to run to Mitre 10 or Bunnings to grab extra materials for a DIY project. In fact, you can often even avoid the need for consents for your bach. All because of the nature of a kitset with prefabricated parts.

With a kitset, you get the bach building experience, but faster, easier, and often more affordable. And best of all? We’ve designed many of our bach shed kitsets to be portable, towable by a 4WD or mounted on a hiab truck for our larger designs. This means you can place your bach where you want, when you want - it’s your bach, why shouldn’t it be up to you where it goes?

The benefits of a kitset bach shed

Outpost Buildings provides some of the most popular alternatives to traditional bach sheds in New Zealand.
Here’s why our customers love our kitsets:

'Built Tough'

One of the Outpost Buildings differences is in just how tough and durable our materials and designs are. We make kitsets that can stand the test of time and up against anything New Zealand weather can throw at them, ensuring you get a bach shed that you can enjoy for many years to come.

We use sustainably grown New Zealand pine and ZINCALUME or Colorsteel iron roof cladding to create a seriously tough bach that still looks great. With the right paint or stain, you get a bach shed that really lasts, no matter where you might put it.


Everybody has different wants and needs out of their bach shed. Some people want a place of quiet and comfort, others want a place to let loose, and others still want a place that’s perfect for a family getaway.

That’s why we’ve designed our bach shed kit sets to be fully customisable. The timber that makes up the core of our designs can have furniture, shelving and other storage easily added to it (or taken away) with just a few screws or nails - something that’s much harder to do if you had metal or plastic instead.

Not only that, we’ve also designed our bach sheds to be wireable, plumbable, and to have insulation added as an option. Our kitsets don’t come with these pre-installed (as it’s protected work and creates consent requirements), but you can easily have them added by getting in touch with the appropriate professionals.

NZ made

When you buy an Outpost Buildings bach shed, you’re buying NZ made. Wherever possible, we source our materials from New Zealand suppliers, and do all of our prefabrication manufacturing at workshops right here in Aotearoa. 

This means that you not only support New Zealand businesses when you buy from us, but you also get a higher quality bach at the end of construction, built with materials that were always intended to do their best in New Zealand conditions.


Ever wished your bach was somewhere else? Closer to home, closer to the water, maybe a little further away from the neighbours? With our portable kitset bach sheds, you have that option.

We mount our bach sheds on tough timber skids, making them towable by a 4WD for the smaller models, while the larger options can be picked up by a hiab truck. In either case, this allows you far more flexibility in where your bach shed is, even after construction is finished. It also means you don’t have to pour concrete for a fixed foundation - one less thing to worry about.

If you decide to move home or purchase land that’d be perfect for a bach, you can simply bring your bach shed to where you want it to be. If you don’t need it anymore, you can even sell it on - moving it from your property to someone else’s is just as simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to new laws as of August 2020, there have been a number of consent exemptions made for low-risk building activity. This has made it much easier to build bach sheds, provided you tick the right boxes - which our kitsets do!

While our bach shed kitsets meet or exceed the materials requirements required by the building code, and would also be covered under many consent exemptions, your specific needs and intended use of the bach shed will determine whether you need consent or not.

If you’re not sure, you can ask our friendly team or your preferred builder. We, or they, will be able to point you in the right direction.

What are our bach sheds made from?

Our bach sheds are designed and built right here in New Zealand, constructed primarily from materials sourced from New Zealand suppliers. This includes the core of our kitsets, which is made from high-quality sustainably grown New Zealand pine.

Depending on your kitset style, you can expect to find:

+ Heavy duty NZ treated timber 6x2 framing

+ Exterior grade 15mm treated timber plywood walls

+ Ply flooring inside

+ Quality aluminium windows and doors 

+ Heavy duty 6x4 inch skid mounted base

+ Corrugated Zincalume or Colorsteel roofing.

Whatever your budget, get in touch with us and we’re sure we can find a suitable solution to suit your needs.