Farm Sheds

Our strong, relocatable farm sheds are renowned for their 'Built Tough' quality.

Made in New Zealand with sturdy NZ timber framing and quality corrugated iron roofing (Colorsteel upgrades available).

What is a farm shed?

Outpost Buildings provide a wide range of different farm structures, from livestock shelters to chicken coops to garden sheds.

Our farm sheds have a wide variety of uses, including:

+ Tool & farm supply storage

+ Horse stables, shelters & stalls

+ Paddock shelters

+ Garden sheds

+ Tack sheds

+ Livestock shelters

+ Pump sheds

+ Wood sheds

+ Barns

And much more

Whether you’re looking for tough, durable shelter for your animals or a secure place to keep any kind of farm or garden equipment imaginable, we have a kitset that’s right for your needs.

The benefits of a farm shed

Outpost Buildings is the leading provider of high-quality, durable kitset farm sheds in New Zealand.

Here are just a few of the reasons why people love our sheds:

'Built Tough'

If there’s one thing you can rely on our farm sheds for, it’s durability. We use heavy duty, NZ-grown timber framing and ZINCALUME or Colorsteel iron cladding to make some of the toughest farm sheds on the market.

They’re weatherproof & windproof, and with lockable doors as standard, handy for keeping your precious tools secure - particularly if a secure storage place is a requirement for your contents insurance.

We’re confident in the strength of our farm sheds. So much so that we guarantee the quality of every one of the components and all of the construction done in our workshops.

NZ Made

Our kitsets are 100% manufactured in our New Zealand workshops, using NZ-sourced materials wherever feasible. We build our farm sheds for New Zealand conditions, so we use materials from right here in Aotearoa as much as we can to ensure you get a farm shed that’s best suited for our environment.

Notably, this includes the core of all of our kitsets, the framing, which is made from sustainably grown New Zealand pine. By investing in an Outpost Buildings kitset, not only are you supporting us as a New Zealand business, but all the New Zealand businesses we source our materials from too.


Many of our farm shed designs have the option to be mounted on tough timber skids, requiring no fixed foundation. This means you can tow, trailer or (hiab) truck them wherever you want, even after construction is finished.

Small sheds may only require a 4x4, while larger models might need a 4WD or a hiab truck to shift. No matter what size you need, the fact that our sheds are fully portable makes them truly yours, with the choice to put them where you want, when you want.


Farm sheds can be expensive to build. Sourcing materials, investing in labour, dealing with consents and compliance costs - it can all add up to a significant chunk of change, not to mention the cost of your time.

That’s why we make it easy with our kitsets. They come with all the materials you need to construct them either yourself or with the help of a professional builder, from the framing to the fixings, and they’re all guaranteed to meet or exceed the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to recent law changes, farm sheds are easier than ever to construct when it comes to paperwork. From August 2020, there are plenty of exemptions now in place for low risk construction work, which many of our farm shed designs are covered under. There’s a good chance of avoiding the need for consent when you buy an Outpost Buildings farm shed!

It’s still important to check with your local council and the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code for your specific use and placement. Your preferred builder should be able to help with this, or ask our friendly team for some advice. We’ve seen heaps of different ways to build and use our farm sheds, so we may be able to provide some insight into whether you’ll need consent or not.

What are our farm sheds made from?

We use materials sourced from New Zealand suppliers wherever feasible for our kitsets, including the timber in our framing that makes up the core of our kitsets, which is made from sustainably grown New Zealand pine.

We support local so you get a superior product that’s tough, durable and designed specifically with New Zealanders in mind.

Whatever your budget, get in touch with us and we’re sure we can find a suitable solution to suit your needs.