All of Outpost’s buildings are supplied as a kitset and we’ve made them really easy to assemble so that almost anyone can build themselves a small hen house or livestock shelter. All you need is to be able to use a hammer, an electric drill and to follow some instructions. You can find out more about kitset assembly here or here.

But, in some instances, even for our smaller kitsets, you may just find you need a spare pair of hands for part of the build.
Or, you might have selected one of our larger kitsets like a horse stable or cabin which is considered an advanced kitset. For this, we do recommend using a professional to assemble it according to the instructions we supply.
Regardless of your building ability or the size of the kitset, the Outpost Buildings team is here to help every step of the way.
There are a number of services around the country such as Jim’s Handyman, Kitset Assembly Services and local builders & trades people that our team have used in the past that we can recommend and help connect you with around New Zealand.
Speak with our team today to find out more - Call 0800 688 767.
Kitset Chicken Coop Assembly pics