Fun family building projects

Sep 21, 2019

Building an Outpost shed, hen house or playhouse can be a great family building project to do together. 

With easy to follow step by step instructions the whole family can get involved. So if you’re thinking about getting the kids a playhouse or a new chicken coop or garden shed then you should take a look at the great range of Outpost kitset buildings. 

Getting your kids involved in a building project with help teach them practical building skills like hammering in nails and tightening screws. Children will have fun learning to use building tools and using their knowledge of maths to help measure things as required for the building.

childrens building project - chicken coop

"We are so pleased with our new hen house. We wanted something bigger as our old was too cramped and awkward to clean. Outpost were great to deal with and the kit arrived pretty quickly. Putting it together was pretty easy and I managed it alone with some assistance from our 5 year old. She had a hand in the colour scheme (see what I did there?) 
From Mike"


Outpost DIY kitsets have easy to follow instructions with diagrams to follow and the parts are all numbered or labelled so they’re easy to identify. Some Outpost kitsets are harder to build than others so choose one from our “DIY easy” range of buildings so that the kids can do a lot of the work.

A building project is also great for learning problem solving skills and team work. Find out how satisfying it can be to work together as a family and be able to celebrate a job well done at the end!

Building a shed - family building project


If you have older kids you might like to try one of our bigger buildings like the Borderland shed in the pictures to the right. You may need an extra person or two for some bits like lifting heavy parts and positioning the sheets of cladding.

The Borderland shed is great for storing all your garden equipment as well as motorbikes and ride on lawn mowers.

Many families have chosen Outpost Buildings for their family building project and some of them loved it so much that they sent us videos or photos. 

If you are interested in doing a building project with your family then take a look at our range of buildings:

Click here to see our Hen Houses Click here to see our Play Huts Click here to see our Garden Sheds







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