Craig and Karen’s Garden Shed

Aug 11, 2022

Outpost Buildings’ customers Craig and Karen purchased a new property on the outskirts of Gisborne last year and soon found that their garage was overflowing with storage boxes, tools, machines, timber and items which were stowed away for friends. And so, Karen and Craig started looking at their options for a new shed so they could keep the existing garage for a workshop as they originally intended.

They wanted their new garden shed to have space to store a trailer, wheelbarrow, all their garden tools plus a lockable space for storing paints and garden sprays. 

It was then they came across Outpost Buildings - as Craig said: “Looking through all the advertising material in our letterbox we could not find anything suitable. Then Karen was searching the internet and found an advert for Outpost Buildings. The Homestead Shelter with Tackroom looked excellent; open shelter for the trailer on one side and a lockable tack room on the other side.” 

The Homestead Shelter with Tackroom design met all of Craig and Karen’s requirements, and included a few “nice to have” extras that weren’t initially on the wishlist, but were certainly welcome additions - a strong timber frame, solid construction and relocatability. Craig and Karen also liked that it was a kitset that they could assemble themselves (a great weekend DIY project), and determined that the kitset design was cheaper than trying to locate materials in Gisborne and pay a builder - there was also no need to have City Council involved due to its size and relocatability, which was a major win.

Garden Kitset Shed being Assembled | Outpost Buidings

Pictured above is Craig and Karen’s garden shed during assembly with the timber framing standing up. Some diagonal braces are in place to hold the framing straight and square while the walls are fitted. The building is incredibly strong once the walls and steel cladding are in place.

The hill at the back of their section meant that the site for their shed often got quite wet, so to reduce the risk of the bottom of their shed getting wet, the Craig and Karen were after a shed that had raised flooring in the enclosed interior section. The site location for the shed was already reasonably flat, but to help with drainage and prevent mud, they laid gravel out the front of the area before laying tiles over the top.

The colour scheme was chosen by using the house colours and the colour of the Bluegum tree leaves as they turned red, similar to the old 1900’s wooden farm sheds. The colours are Resene Japanese Maple in Woodsman Penetrating oil stain and the Timber is in Resene Spanish White in Lumbersider. The floor inside has been done in Bondall garage solvent paint in a mid-grey tone. The roof was supplied as standard Zincalume, but, as a matter of preference, Craig and Karen decided to paint it in Resene Summit Semi-gloss Ironsand. Karen and Craig painted all the timber framing, before assembly to make it easier to cover all parts and ensure a tidy finish.

“Our section is a standard city with the rear outlook onto a hill with fallow deer. The whole vision has worked extremely well, the shed does not detract in any way. Still to finish the fence at the rear of the shed and the stones and paving to the front.” Craig explained.

“We are extremely happy with the way everything has worked out. I did the construction on my own with help from my wife to hold portals and two sons-in-law to put the roof on.

The design, supply and delivery, the construction have all been excellent. It's been a pleasure to work with the Outpost Team, we would recommend Outpost to everyone. 

Many thanks, Karen and Craig”

Featured Building: Homestead Shelter with Tackroom

Homestead Shelter with Tackroom | Outpost Buildings

  • Size: 5.8m x 3.5m x 2.9m high at the apex of the roof and 2m high at the front entrance.
  • Tackroom is 2.4m wide with a 3.4m wide shelter. Other options and sizes available – see our range of shelters with tackrooms
  • The double doors on the tack shed side come preassembled in the kitset and are built from strong 15mm plywood with timber framing and supports.

View our Homestead Shelter with Tackroom range

Homestead Shelter with Tackroom Delivered by Crane | Outpost Building

Skid mounted, relocatable design

The design of the Homestead Shelter with Tackroom - like most other Outpost Buildings - sits on heavy duty timber skids. These 6x4 inch skids are ground treated and very strong, the rest of the building sits on top of the skids and this is part of what makes the buildings easy to relocate. Once assembled the building can be towed/dragged short distances for positioning by tying a rope through the predrilled holes in the skids and hooking it onto a 4WD or tractor. The building could also be lifted by hiab truck for moving on to another property. This means that if you move you can take your Outpost Shed with you to your new property or on sell it to someone else.

What do you get with the kitset package?

Owing to the strong timber framing and quality roofing materials that we use to ensure our buildings are strong and long lasting, many of our kitsets are reasonably large and heavy. The kitset package for the Homestead Shelter with Tackroom like the one purchased by the Craig and Karen measures approximately 6m long by 2m wide.

Outpost Buildings kitset parts are all precut and labelled to help make assembly easy. Many parts are also semi-assembled, and we supply plenty of quality galvanised fixing (screws and nails) and fittings (door hinges and handles) so you have everything you need to get underway with your project from the get go.

Kitset instructions have detailed diagrams and step-by-step instructions. The experienced team at Outpost Buildings is just a call away. Should you have any questions about assembly, our entire team has experience assembling our kitsets, so you can rest assured that you have after sales service and support if and as you need it.

We deliver all our kitset buildings for free to Toll Transport depots in New Zealand. From the depots you can choose to get your kitset delivered to your site by hiab truck. The Outpost Buildings team can get a quote for this for you and arrange it on your behalf. If you’re looking at a smaller building, you can pick up the kitset with a suitable sized trailer from your nearest Toll Transport depot - our helpful team will advise on what size trailer you will need.

If you are interested in finding out more, please visit our Homestead Shelter with Tackroom page, browse our full product range or give us a call for more information or an obligation free quote on 0800 688 767 or email us via the Contact Us page - we look forward to hearing from you.

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