New home for Manurewa Intermediate's baby kunekunes

Feb 29, 2024

Author: Lisa Smith

Outpost Buildings is proud to have assisted numerous schools around the country over the years to find buildings to suit their needs. Everything from chicken coops that are used for educational purposes to storage solutions like garden and tool sheds. 

In our latest customer case study, we talk to Michael Watson, the Environmental Educator at Manurewa Intermediate to hear about his experience with Outpost Buildings. 

The school already has an Outpost livestock shelter for its goats and Michael says he found the process to be simple and efficient so when they had a special requirement for housing their new baby kunekune pigs, they approached Outpost Buildings once again. 

Michael says they have previously had pigs at the school and decided that if they were going to get pigs again they would do things differently. 

They have organised a much larger space for them to live and will be managing them in two separate paddocks. 

“Because of this we need a double entrance shelter with gates that latched in the centre so that they can be unlatched from the other paddock side. This is an important requirement to keep the kids safe while letting the pigs out each morning,” he says. 

He says it also means while they’re cleaning out one paddock the pigs are locked away in the other. 

With pigs having a lot of strength and weight, he also needed a solid structure that was not only durable and lasting but also something as economical and affordable as possible for the school. 

Additionally, he wanted to collect the rainwater so an angled roof was another key feature they required. 

The process

So, the Outpost team worked with Michael to customise one of our existing livestock shelters to include all of the features he was after in the pigsty. 

The shelter design is based on the Hunter range with the mono pitch roof. 

Outpost arranged the assembly of the kitset and had it transported out to the school with a Sky Hooks NZ mini crane which lifted it into place in the paddock. 

Because it is built on heavy duty treated timber skids, it can be easily moved around its new site when needed. 

Sky Hooks

Fit for purpose

Michael says he knew he made the right choice with Outpost when he saw the pig house arrive. 

He also took reassurance in having used the goat house which is still standing strong, he says. 

When it comes to meeting his expectations, Michael says that’s an easy yes! 

“The building is well built, strong and fit for purpose. It was also put together quickly and communication was primo!” 

He says he would not hesitate to choose Outpost Buildings again. 

“If we need another building, we’ll be in touch with you first,” he says. 


If you have a special need or requirement, give our team a call on 0800 688 767 and we can help you find the building that is right for you!

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