Best Motorcycle Storage Sheds

Aug 25, 2022

Along with the thrill of motorcycle ownership comes great responsibility. Bikes require a lot of nurturing in between rides to keep them running smoothly for many years of adventure. There’s no point forking out for your pride and joy then storing it somewhere where it's vulnerable to the elements or theft.

Motorcylist with helmet

When it’s time to store your motorcycle, ensure the elements or time don’t wreak havoc on your mechanical stallion. In order to protect it, you need the right location. A motorcycle storage shed is an excellent option and should ensure your bike stays safe, dry, and out of the sun.

Not all riders have the option of keeping their motorbikes in the garage, and as much as most of us would want to wheel them into the front room so we could watch over them day and night, family members might not agree. That’s why God created motorcycle storage sheds.

Can I keep a motorcycle in a shed?

There are many options available for storing your motorcycle but maybe you’re here because those options are not currently working out. We’re here to give you peace of mind that investing in a high quality, weather-tight, and secure storage shed might be the best place to store your motorcycle. Did you know that the famous motorcycle inventors William Harley and the Davidson brothers started the Harley Davidson Motorcycle company out of a garden shed

A garage is also a great option for storing your bike, but if it’s full of cars and other stored items, you won't want to risk scratching the paint work on your precious investment. Or you might not have the space to store a motorcycle that won’t see the light of day until the weather takes a turn for the better.

Wherever you end up storing your bike, make sure it’s properly insured against damage or theft for peace of mind should the worst things imaginable come to pass. When choosing your insurance, make sure you check the fine print as some policies may not cover losses if your motorcycle is not secured to an immovable object or stored inside a secure area…in case you need another reason to secure your motorcycle in a storage shed.

Borderland Shed is great for Motorbike storage


What are the best motorcycle storage sheds?

The best motorcycle storage sheds have a lot of characteristics in common, but it will also depend on your specific needs, your location, and your budget. If you’re just storing a single bike and nothing else, you can have a pretty small shed that checks all the right boxes and meets your needs. 

On the other hand, if you have multiple bikes, you intend to store more than just your motorcycle inside, or you’d appreciate some room to work on your bike inside you probably need to upsize your plans to accommodate everything in store. And don’t forget to anticipate your future storage needs, should the need arise. 

That said, the best motorcycle storage shed will be the one that keeps your motorcycle safe, dry, and out of the sun. While safe means that it is secured from theft or damage, it also means safe from rodents and pests as well as the elements. Speaking of elements, your bike should be kept dry or you may come back to find the world’s largest paperweight. Moisture causes rust, rust seizes moving parts, and makes shiny parts look ugly or fall apart. And lastly, the best storage shed keeps your bike out of the sun. The UV rays from the sun damage paint degrade rubber and plastic, so darkness is your friend.

How do you choose a motorcycle shed?

There are three main types of storage shed materials to choose from. Which one you decide to use will probably depend partly on where you live, partly on your budget, and partly on your personal preferences. 

  • Wood is the most popular material as it is strong and durable and, if treated properly, it withstands the test of time. 
  • Metal is strong, durable and fire retardant but might be prone to rust
  • Plastic is low maintenance but prone to condensation and easier for criminals to penetrate.

Should you store your motorcycle on a stand?

When you store your motorcycle, you ideally want to come back to it in the same condition you left it. Unfortunately, unless it’s stored properly, this quite frequently isn’t the case. Storing your motorcycle on a stand however can go a long way to ensuring that your tyres remain in optimal shape. 

Ideally, your bike can be put on its centre stand to keep the weight off of the tyres and avoid tyrerot or uneven spots on tyres. The side stand takes some weight off of the tyres, but still leaves a significant amount of the bike’s weight on them, so it’s not ideal.

Motorcycles with covers in garage

Should you cover your motorcycle in the garage?

The best motorcycle covers will not only protect your bike from direct contact with water, but can also protect against condensation building up on your bike which can cause rust and mould. As soon as your motorcycle begins to rust, it immediately diminishes in resale value, so it’s crucial to keep your bike clean and out of the elements. 

Remember that your motorcycle components are a lot more exposed than those of other vehicles. Dust and moisture can also build up inside a shed or garage, so even if you store your motorcycle inside, it’s a good idea to cover it as well for extra protection. The cost of a good quality bike cover will be a lot less expensive than the rust and corrosion you have to deal with.

How do you keep a bike safe in a shed?

First of all, don’t let people know you have a bike stored in your shed. The great thing about the shed is that it hides what is inside. If thieves don’t know you have precious cargo inside your shed, they’re less likely to bother breaking in to find out. 

It might be tempting to post pictures of your pride and joy on social media, but this can attract unwanted attention. Instead send private messages to those people who would appreciate it.

Select your shed location carefully. Ideally, you want it out of sight from any main roads, but not so remote that criminals won't be spotted. Site your bike shed in an area that will be difficult for others to get to and operate in and install as many security measures as possible to protect your valuable bike.

Motorbikes in a Borderland Shed from Outpost

Customer Testimonial:

"We recently purchased a shed from Outpost Buildings to house our two motorbikes. It arrived on our property in kitset form and was built in three days by my husband who is not a builder but a good handyman.
We are very happy with the shed and would recommend Outpost to anyone requiring a good solid shed, at a good price, with no fuss or bother.
This is the second shed we have purchased from Outpost, the first being an Upland Poultry Shelter for our Free Range Hens.
Thank you Outpost for all your help!”

How do you secure a motorcycle outside?

If someone wants to steal your bike, they probably have the tools to do it. They’re going to be looking for easy pickings, so securing your bike as well as you possibly can will discourage devious thieves.

  • Use a cover - There’s truth in the old adage: “out of sight, out of mind”. If they don't know exactly what's under there, they’re less likely to steal it.
  • Lock your steering lock - this is your first step of defence as it will make it hard to manoeuvre.
  • Chain your motorbike to something heavy - even bikes inside garages should be securely locked.
  • Use multiple locks on your bike - a thief is likely to be deterred by multiple types of locks.
  • Don’t skimp on the quality of your locks - they’re more expensive for a reason.
  • Park in a well lit location, preferably with cameras.

How do you put a motorcycle in long term storage?

Putting your bike down for the winter or for other long term storage requires a lot of important steps. But these steps will help ensure your bike survives its hibernation and comes back out ready to ride without a lot of rigmarole. So don’t skip any, or you may end up regretting it in the long run.

  1. Clean your bike - give your bike a full wash and scrub and remove any visible dirt, grime, or grease.
  2. Change the engine oil - you don’t want your engine to be bathing in dirty oil for an extended period of time, so change the oil and be sure you’ve got fresh, clean oil before storing your bike.
  3. Top off the petrol tank and add fuel stabiliser - this ensures you don’t end up with bad petrol that won’t start or run when you come back to your bike. Alternatively, you can completely empty the tank and drain the carburetors, but it depends how long you’re storing it and how well you actually drain the petrol. Either way, you’ll still drain the carburetors. 
  4. Plug the exhaust and airbox - this makes sure that dust, rodents, insects, and the like don’t end up taking up residence in your bike’s comfy holes. 
  5. Elevate your bike - ideally, you want as little to no weight to be on the tyres as possible. The centre stand is good for this, or better yet, a block that gets both tyres completely clear of the ground.
  6. Charge the battery - since you won’t be riding for a while, you want your battery to be in the best shape it can before you let it rest. You should also disconnect it and consider connecting it to a battery tender on occasion. There are battery chargers available on the market that trickle feed a battery during storage, as well as solar options.
  7. Cover your bike - a good cover will go the extra mile in ensuring your bike stays clear of the elements and any dust or dirt. 

That’s it! You’re ready to say au revoir to your trusty motorcycle until the sun comes out again!

At Outpost Buildings we have an assortment of sheds to meet all your motorbike storage needs. Our durable and strong designs ensure your ride is safe and protected from the elements. Our most popular sheds used to store motorcycles are the Uplands Shed and the Borderland Shed.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to learn more about motorcycle storage.

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