Home to some of New Zealand's most popular beaches, this metropolitan hub boasts a beautiful coastline and surrounding mountains for you to explore. However, the main attractions encouraging folks to flock to Tauranga are the numerous possibilities for business and international trade, creating a land of opportunity. 

If you live in Tauranga, you’re well aware that housing in the area can be highly valued. But the possibility of adding extra usable space to your property with Outpost Buildings’ kitset sheds can improve your space and quality of living, quite significantly. 

Outpost Buildings boasts the most extensive selection of kitset sheds and shelters in Tauranga. Get in touch with our Outpost Buildings team today to find the best shelters to transform your space and make your life that much easier. Portable sheds and shelters also offer benefits that permanent fixtures simply can’t match. 

Sheds & Storage

If you’re residing in Tauranga and in the market for garden sheds or storage sheds of any kind, then there’s no denying the algorithm that brought you to the right place. Here at Outpost Buildings we produce and supply strong, relocatable sheds for all your outdoor and garden needs. 

We imagine your Google search was saturated with shed loads of shelter varieties but at Outpost Buildings we appreciate that making the right decision for your exterior needs is not straightforward. Our team is here to make that decision easy. Our sheds are designed with the Tauranga climate in mind, using New Zealand sourced materials and manufacturers, they are made specifically for the Kiwi backyard.

Whether you’re looking for garden sheds, tool sheds, wood sheds or greenhouses for your backyard in Tauranga, we have an extensive range of easily assembled kitsets that will surely suit your size, function and aesthetic.

We also offer customisable shed designs in case our range of ready made kitsets don’t already inspire you.

Chicken Coops & Hen Houses

 A comfy chicken coop makes for happy hens and happy hens make for ultimate egg laying. Outpost Buildings’ chicken coops and hen houses in Tauranga are specifically manufactured for Kiwi chooks and the interchangeable Tauranga environment. Outpost chicken coops are a notch above the rest because they are built on heavy duty timber skids for easy relocation.

At Outpost Buildings we have a wide range of kitset and portable Chicken Coops from small backyard chicken shelters for those with limited outdoor space to commercial free-range hen house designs to ensure your flock of chickens are well prepared for the full range of Tauranga seasonal changes. We take into account all the comfort, space, security and warmth they’ll need.

Our coops are specifically designed for a comfortable chook life and optimal laying behaviour. Each coop includes:

  • Person sized door for easy access to assess chooks/clean out
  • Wire mesh for ventilation and light
  • Corrugated iron roofing for protection from the elements
  • Chicken doors for easy escape (if they decide to leave after all!)
  • Timber perches
  • Roof flashings to keep the rain out
  • Optional floor kits for maximum chicken comfort
  • And much more

Livestock & Horse Shelters

Livestock owners in New Zealand are legally required to provide some kind of shelter to protect their animals from extreme elements. Our Kiwi made shelters are expertly designed to meet and exceed the hardy durability requirements of rural NZ life. Year round, our livestock shelters will keep your calves, alpacas, pigs, goats, lambs, foul, horses, sheep and cattle as happy and healthy as possible.

Outpost Buildings have been keeping local livestock in Tauranga and the surrounding area safe, warm and sheltered for decades. No need to take our word for it, we guarantee our livestock, farm sheds, horse shelters and goat shelters are built to last. 

If you’re in Tauranga and looking for livestock and horse shelters, our portable kitset stables and paddock shelters are the ultimate choice, not just for protection but also to:

  • Reduce insect pressure
  • Provide shade from the sun and shelter from wind and rain
  • Provide protection from predators
  • Provide comfort and reduce anxiety in your animals
  • Offer portability to a new location

Our farm sheds are also built sturdy for all of your farm supply and storage needs. From tack sheds to pump sheds, wood sheds and barns, we have the largest variety of farm sheds in Tauranga for storing your necessities out of extreme weather conditions and out of predator’s radars.

You can count on our strong, treated timber framing, ZINCALUME or Colorsteel corrugated iron roofing, solid plywood kickboards and galvanised fittings and fixings to keep your animals safe, sheltered, warm and comfortable throughout the Tauranga seasons.

Kitset Cabins & Lifestyle Sheds

Are you dreaming of extending your living space into the garden in the Tauranga area? Outpost Buildings’ kitset cabins and lifestyle sheds can have multiple purposes or can be built for something specific in mind. Perhaps you’re in need of:

All of our kitset sheds are built tough and designed to meet the New Zealand building code once assembled. They come with all the materials you need to make expanding your functional space that much easier. There’s no doubt they are weatherproof, windproof, comfortable and capable of withstanding anything the Tauranga climate has in store for us.

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