Sheds & Storage

Here at Outpost Buildings, we produce strong, relocatable sheds that stand the test of time.

We have a great range of garden sheds, wood sheds and storage sheds for sale, all constructed from durable materials sourced from NZ.

The types of sheds we provide

Outpost Buildings provides a wide range of kitset sheds for sale, ranging from simple storage sheds and wood storage to tool sheds that can double as workshops.

The Outpost Buildings difference is that all of our sheds are made from local materials, including sustainable NZ-grown timber. This makes them incredibly strong, but still light enough to relocate whenever and wherever you want - whether that’s moving your shed to make room for a new project, or moving home and taking your shed with you.

+ Backyard garden sheds

+ Lean to sheds

+ Large sheds

+ She sheds

+ Liveable sheds

+ Tool storage sheds

+ Upland garden sheds


+ Homestead sheds

+ Borderland sheds

+ Settler sheds

+ Hunter sheds

Pump sheds

Whatever look or use you want from your shed, Outpost Buildings can provide a kitset that’s perfect for your needs.

What's a good shed to buy?

Buying the right shed for you can be more complex than it looks. There are dozens of different options and styles, hundreds of different materials - and all with different purposes in mind.

At Outpost Buildings, we want to make that decision easy. Our sheds are designed with New Zealand sourced and manufactured materials where possible, created for the unique New Zealand environment, so you never have to worry about quality in your decision. It’s all built in.

Your choice of shed will depend a great deal on what you need it for and the space that you have for it to go in.

If you need something small to keep your garden tools in, then the Backyard Garden Shed series is a great place to start.

Looking for somewhere to keep your wood dry? Our Wood Sheds should be your choice, with the option of a Wood & Tool Shed to split the difference between your tools and your fuel.

Fancy something that looks great but still keep things organised? The Settler Sheds and Upland Garden Sheds have you covered.

For those that need something truly durable, the Hunter Shed range is even more durable than most, capable of withstanding whatever New Zealand weather has to throw at it.

And If you’re looking for something that will truly change your outside space for the better, check out the Borderland Shed, which has all the space you need for ride-on mowers, motorbikes, and more.

Outpost Buildings has a shed design for you, no matter what size or purpose.

What size shed is most common?

Our most popular buildings are the Upland and Borderland garden sheds, ideal for people with big gardens or lifestyle blocks - fit all your tools and ride-on mower in there too!

Smaller gardens call for smaller shed footprints. Our Backyard tool sheds fit the bill, available in a range of sizes, with our 3.6m x 1.9m being the most popular. Store your garden tools, bicycles, surf boards, skis and any other outdoor equipment and still have room to spare.

What is the most durable type of shed?

When you need something that can withstand whatever New Zealand weather can throw at it, we recommend the Hunter Garden Shed.

All Outpost Building sheds are designed with toughness in mind, from the sustainably sourced NZ pine framing and cladding, to the corrugated iron or Zincalume roofing. 

However, the Hunter design, with it’s thicker 6x2 inch treated timber framing and iconic mono pitched metal roofing, truly redefines what ‘durable’ can mean for a shed.

This type of shed isn’t just tough - it’s also relocatable, fitted with heavy-duty timber skids for easy movement.

It’s a perfect choice for those who need flexibility in placement but don’t want to compromise on toughness.