Settler 3 Bay Stable

SET42-3BCTK2 12.6m x 4.2m x 4.2m high

We visited several rural properties in our area to see different stables and were impressed by the Outpost stables.  They were solid and authentic.  The owners of Outpost Stables were all Outpost fans!

We finally decided on four different buildings from Outpost; 2 stables, a hay shed, and a garden shed with wood shelter.  No hard sell from Rachael at Outpost, just professionalism with personality!

We added verandas to the Settler Horse Stables, a no brainer in Wellington considering the, at times, challenging weather.  There's a tack shed on the end of one building and feed shed on the other building. The stalls (sometimes referred to as horse apartments by visitors) save the paddocks when wet. One of the biggest factors in favour of our Outpost buildings was there was no resource consent required and if we need to move them then we can.

No regrets, the horses are happy and so are we.

Settler 3 Bay Stable - Happy to sing the praises of Team Outpost.