Homestead Large Paddock Shelter

HMS401 5.8m x 3.5m x 2.9m high

"I am one very happy customer and so are my horses.  Here is a photo of Joseph aka Diamond Cut standing contentedly in one side of the double horse shelter.  Kaptain my other horse is not so sure but I can guarantee when the cold wet weather comes they will be happy to stand in there dry and warm.  My son is a builder and he and is hammer hand took one and a half day to put it up.  The instructions were easy to follow.
I bought this transportable horse shelter because I lease my grazing and it meant that if I ever moved grazing I could pick it up and load it onto the back of a truck and take it to the next place.  The farmer has been absolutely brilliant.  He has put up a yard around it and put the bark down with his front end loader.   It proved to be a very easy process.
regards Marylin"

Homestead Large Paddock Shelter - Very happy customer and so are my horses