6 Bay Hen House

POU1006B 5.8m x 1.9m x 2.5m high

"I'm not that great with wording testimonials but I've attached some photos of the hen houses. The hens love them and swap between 'houses' and the roll away nesting boxes are awesome - especially for clucky hens not being able to nest!!

We put some shade cloth over 3 of the mesh areas on the big one just for added protection from rain and wind, and the reason I had them coming out the big door was because it was those girls first day out in their new environment but of course the older girls were nosy and trying to get in the small hen door on the other side!

Thanks heaps for all your help,
Cheers from Julie"

6 Bay Hen House - The hens love them 6 Bay Hen House - The hens love them