Life Hacks – DIY convert a Shed to a Studio or Office and save$$

16 June 2020 | Outpost News

We love seeing what our customers have done with our buildings over the years. One of the beauties of Outpost buildings is the ability to make it your own from adding your favourite Coloursteel roofing to painting it to match your house.

While most people set up and use our buildings as designed by us, some of our favourites are ones that people have put their own touches to!  Some very crafty clients even found a very efficient life hack to turn one of our sheds into studios.

The fact is that most of our studios and cabins are based on the same footprint as some of our sheds and shelters.  That means with a bit of elbow grease and a can do attitude, you too can convert a shed into a studio – saving yourself thousands on the way.

The best thing is that you can make it your own with your own specification and you can do it over time to suit your financial needs.

Our Upland Sheds are a popular design and they make a great “man cave” or garden shed. They come in two standard sizes:

  • 3.6m x 3m x 2.5m high.  Code UR303GS - Price $5,095* including GST plus $845 for floor kit.
  • 5.8m x 3m x 2.5m high.  Code UR301GS - Price $6,450* including GST plus $1,155 for floor kit.

*Prices are subject to change and were valid as of 1st July 2020.

If you’re after a new building for use as an office, studio or sleep out then check out these ideas. With a few alterations to our standard shed kitset you can build your own customised office or studio for a great price.

We do recommend that if you want to give this a go, to also get a floor kit.  That way you can have an enclosed structure.

  • Add your own interior lining and insulation. We recommend using interior plywood as an affordable option for this. It can be easily attached to the Upland sheds timber framing.
  • Add your own window and glass doors to let more light in. Choose the doors and windows you want to use, perhaps look around for some second hand doors and windows to use if you’re on a budget.
  • Want lights and power? A qualified electrician will easily add the necessary wiring to your building before you complete the interior lining. To keep your new building relocatable you can get it wired up similar to how a caravan is – so you can plug it in or un plug it as required.

The government has recently announced changes to the laws for what buildings need a building consent. These new changes come into effect in August 2020.  In the past you would need to get a building consent for most buildings over 10sqm  but the changes have made it easier for people to complete these smaller building projects.

How much space do I need?

The picture above shows what you could potentially do with our large Upland Shed which is 3m wide by 5.8m long and 2.5m high (around 17sqm). As you can see there’s plenty of room for a bed, seats and storage cupboards.

In this example, the interior is lined with tongue and groove timbers, floor with vinyl tiles and a small deck has been added.  There is also a sliding door and window added to the design.

If you want, we can supply you a full kitset with the components for around $20,000* including GST (please call to confirm the price) or you could buy the shed with a floor kit for $7,605* including GST. 

*Prices are subject to change and were valid as of 15th May 2020.

Below is a picture of the Upland Studio set up as an office.

Here’s a testimonial from one of our customers who has an Upland Studio he uses for his business:

“I am a Natural Therapist and for the first time I have decided to work from home for some of my work. I didn’t just want a square box and after researching transportable/relocatable units, I found most of what was available was too small and simply a square box/container. I chose an Upland Studio unit from Outpost Buildings because it offered something a bit different - not just a square box! I needed to be able to relocate the unit when I move from where I am.

My studio is all finished and I am delighted. I am getting rave reviews from my clients and it looks the business!

I found Outpost Buildings were great to deal with, yes we had a few hiccups, but the service and follow up was consistent and professional which meant my needs were catered for in a very caring and proactive way.

Seriously consider a unit from Outpost Buildings if you are wanting to set up a work or hobby space at your home.

Thank you Outpost!

Mark, Christchurch”

This customer added an extra internal wall and door to split the space into a reception/waiting room and the therapy room. We recommend any electrical wiring you want is installed by a registered electrician.

Here's some examples of Outpost Cabins in use

Pictured below is a mountain top cabin at Soho Basin Ski field near Wanaka. Skiers are transported up the mountain by snowcat and then treated to a gourmet food and wine experience at Outpost Cabin.

If you want, we can supply you a full kitset with the components for around $17,000 including GST (please call to confirm the price and the kitset will have horizontal iron unless otherwise specified) or you could buy the shed with a floor kit for $5,940 including GST. Click here to view more info on the Upland Kitset Cabin

Pictured below are 2 Upland Sheds that were converted by our customer into cabins that they used to live in until their house was built. One cabin had a bedroom with ensuite and the other a living space and kitchen. The customer and their builder carried out all the alterations to the standard Upland Shed kitsets that we supplied.

Customer Testimonial

“Great, robust sheds of simple construction giving such roomy, useful space. The erection instructions were easy to follow and the whole thing made for a quick, easy build. Delivered to site and well packed with everything we needed to complete the job. They are much admired and we love them.”

What’s included in an Upland Studio Kitset?

The Upland Studio comes complete with everything you need to build your studio; timber framing, corrugated steel cladding, Ply board & batten exterior end wall siding, plywood interior flooring and timber decking, 9mm interior ply wall lining, Back window 550mm x 1375mm,

Aluminium ranch slider or french doors and all hardware & fixings you’ll need for assembly.

Not included: Electrical fit out, insulation to wall & roof cavity or assembly of kitset. Advanced kitset; We recommend a builder assembles our Studio & Cabin kitsets. Please contact us to confirm expected delivery date.

See more info about Upland Studios >

Upland Kitset Cabin

What’s included in an Upland Shed kitset?

The Upland Sheds come complete with everything you need to build your shed; timber framing, corrugated steel cladding with 1 strip of clear for interior lighting, ply board & batten exterior end wall siding, timber pre assembled barn style doors.

Optional extras available are: plywood floor upgrade, Colorsteel upgrade.

If you want to use the Upland Shed kitset to build your new studio or office then you might need to make some alterations during construction such as adding a window and changing the doors if you want to.

See more info about Upland Sheds >

Upland Kitset Shed

With a little imagination, the opportunities are near endless to start with a base shed and make it your own, in your own time and to your own budget.

Of course, one thing that our sheds and cabins do have in common is the fact that they are relocatable! So, if you move and want to take it with you, you can! You haven’t invested thousands into a dream project that you will have to leave behind.